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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Macrame Bracelets

 Our local art guild has free classes once a month.  This was actually my first class to go to.  It helps to know the classes are the second Saturday of the month, I'll put them on my calendar now!  My friend, Darlene, and I had a lot of fun today making bracelets.
 We learned how to make macrame bracelets with pony beads.  In typical fashion, I had to do mine a little different.  When I saw the button, I had to put it on my bracelet.
Wanda Nava was our teacher.  She used to make macrame baskets back in the seventies.  Isn't she a lovely person?  I love her necklace!  
She does not look old enough to have been in college in the seventies!
 She was demonstrating how to make a bracelet in this picture.  My friend, Darlene, laughed at me when I asked Wanda if it would work using a button.  Most of my "question" was in hand signals and  half sentences, and did not make any sense to my "practical" friend Darlene, but Wanda understood perfectly!  She is a kindred spirit (in the words of Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables).

 Rita, a sweet lady from England, used a button to close her bracelet with a loop.
Here she is working on her bracelet.
 I asked Darlene to take a picture of my bracelet while I was working on it, instead she took a picture of me laughing.  It is probably hard to get a picture of me when I am not either laughing or talking!  Please excuse the hair and lack of makeup, it is Saturday after all!
It helps to tape the bracelet down while tying the macrame knots.  I remember as a teenager, friendship bracelets were all the rage.  I would safety pin the bracelet to my pants' leg to keep it in place.
 Darlene finished hers super fast, but she did not add any beads to hers.  I wish I had taken more pictures of some of the other bracelets made.

Next month, they are making ornaments out of polymer clay.  I'll enjoy that, it will be like working with fondant and play-do.

For a small town, we sure do have a lot going on!  We are a town of 3,000 and have an art guild, quilt guild, historical society, betterment committee, and more.

Have you ever done macrame before?  It is fun once you get the hang of it!



Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Back in the 70's, the community center offered classes. I could take macrame or tye dye. I chose tye dye, but, I don't remember how to do it anymore.

Linda Swanekamp said...

In the 70's I taught macrame at a pottery place. I did plant hangers and jewelry. Yikes, was that a long time ago!

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