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Thursday, February 26, 2015


I am already planning my picnic quilt!  I wanted to make one last summer but never had time.  I have some buggy fabric I want to sew into some pinwheels for a picnic quilt!
I can't decide if I want to use the red gingham with the ants or the green leaves with the jars of bugs for the border, what do you think?  I am using the blue and white polka dots as my neutral with the solid blue as a back up if I run out.
 I spent a snow day last week cutting material.
I have my material and cut pieces in my picnic basket.
I plan to use this as a picnic quilt, and quilt to keep in the car for when I get cold or we need it for something else.  I was thinking of using denim for the back of the quilt, would it still be snuggly in the car if I do?

Do you have a specific quilt you use for a picnic quilt?

For Feline Friday I have a really cute picture to share.

Getting ready for Summer!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Butterflies and Ice!

 We've had snow all week but Saturday morning we woke up to everything being covered in solid ice!  I did not touch up these photos, everything really is white, including the sky!
 I have been busy making butterflies from Lori Holt's book Quilty Fun.

 Last year for the Sew Sweet Bee I asked for baskets when it was my turn, I am going to ask for more baskets this year because I want to make one more king size quilt for my bed.  I am going to use the butterflies as a border around the baskets.
 I had a lot of half square triangles left over from this month's block and I made them into five inch pinwheels.  These are going to be used as a second border on that quilt too!
 So far I have 28 butterflies and eight pinwheels made.  I have a lot more to go for a king size quilt!
I've brought a little spring into my house!


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Flying Dutchman Block

Here is the block I made for this month's Sew Sweet Bee.  It was actually easier to make then it looks!
 Alanna from The Merry Homemaker wanted a flying Dutchman quilt block.  I have decided to go ahead and make two blocks each month so that I can keep one for a sampler quilt to remember all of the blocks I make!
 I had my husband move the treadle by the fire in the living room, it is freezing in my sewing room!  We have been off school all week due to snow so I have been quilting all week!
 This is how the kitties are keeping warm!  During the night Pippi had crawled under the top blanket at the edge of the bed. (I felt her there when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night) I picked her u and put her under the covers by me to help me stay warm!  LOL
I hope you are staying warm wherever you are!


Linky parties I'm joining:   QuiltShopgal  optional red and pink theme this month, but please join up any color or craft!
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Log Cabin Quilt Top finished!

I finished my log cabin quilt top!  My bloggy friend, Dora, asked if she could quilt it for me.  She does wonderful work on her treadle, you can check out her blog here:  She asked for six inch borders to do feathers, I was happy to oblige!

I am really happy with how it turned out!

Funny Cat Pictures!

I had my blocks laid out and Oreo "attacked" them!
 Here I had them in a pile and Cupcake just flipped them like pages in a book.  LOL
Here I had the rows lined up ready to sew together when Custard thought it would be fun to "attack" she stopped her destruction as soon as she saw I had the camera trained on her!  LOL
 These three sisters and brother are such mischief makers!
We have another snow day, so tonight I am going to piece together a back for the quilt and hopefully it will be ready to mail soon!  Tomorrow I hope to get more quilting done on om Scrappy trip around the world quilt and to get blocks cut out to sew in the evenings after work.

Have a great day!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Kay an EE Toy Sewing Machine

 Look what I got Saturday!  A Kay an EE toy sewing machine!  I found more information on it here.here.  It is German made from the 40s.
 Unfortunately some of the paint is chipping off.  I could not see the tiny hole in the needle to thread it, maybe I will try again later, but the needle is very dull and had trouble piercing the piece of material I put in it.
 We finally had a snow day today!  My husband made sure to feed the birds and we had a ton f birds out there!
 Then my husband decided to throw Oreo in the snow.
 I stayed in my pajamas all day and ironed material that needed to be cut and cleaned up my sewing room.
We were off from school because of President's day, but tomorrow is an official snow day, I'll spend the day quilting!  I'm almost done with the borders on my log cabin quilt, I'll share that tomorrow!

Did you get hit with snow?


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Quilt design question

We went back to the antique mall from Sunday.  I saw this quilt there and I have never seen this design before.  Have you ever seen it?  I would love to make one in these colors, this one was out of my price range.  It is a perfect chain link design.  I found a similar one made like a double wedding ring here.  I would love to find a pattern for this one though.
 Here are some more quilts I saw today, there were so many I could not pull them all out.

 Do you see that pretty pink one to the right?
If anyone can help me out with that pattern I would appreciate it!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Chocolate Strawberries

I'm a little behind in posting this with Valentine's day being tomorrow, but chocolate covered strawberries is something I enjoy year round!  My husband thought it would be neat to buy me chocolate covered strawberries from Pulakos in Erie, PA.  I loved their chocolate when we lived there.  It would have been $25 for a dozen plus $50 in shipping and handling, $75 for 12 strawberries!  I told him I could make my own and they would be freshly made each day I ate them! Just takes a couple of minutes to make!   Of course Pulakos is the best, but for convenience I used Wilton candy melts. You can buy these at Wal-mart or your local craft store.

First thing you do is wash and thoroughly dry your strawberries.
Melt your chocolate and stir at 30 second intervals until completely melted.  I hold the strawberries by the leaves and dip until completely covered.

 Please excuse my pajamas!

Place on parchment paper until cooled.
Then eat them!
My husband also bought me some live roses, when it warms up I'll plant them in a bigger pot outside.
We are going to Springfield, MO (an hour away) tomorrow for Valentine's day.  What are your plans?


Do you think the strawberries will qualify for the red theme at Quilt Shop Gal's linky party?  LOL

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Quilt and treadle sightings!

We went to some antique stores today in Ozark, MO.  We saw lots of fun stuff!

I saw this small pink toy machine for $25, but it looks like that spot on the right is fingernail polish.  Would you pay that much for it?
A couple of feather weights for $500.

A beautiful Elgin for $450.

A Domestic treadle in perfect condition but no machine.
I didn't take a picture, but they had a Redeye with very bad decals for $250, way too expensive.

We didn't even finish looking before they closed so we will be back!

"Oh taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him." Psalm 34:8