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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I had planned to have my quilt top finished by Saturday, but my plans for sewing Sunday night kind of changed when I dropped the sewing machine pedal on my pinky toe!  I didn't break it(at least I don't think I did), but it is all swollen and black and blue.  My sweet husband carried me all the way to the couch and got me an ice pack.  Unfortunately, my foot hurt too much and I had to keep it raised and iced for the rest of the evening.  I hope it's not broken, I'll be able to tell in the morning whether or not I can move it.  You ask why I didn't go to the hospital?  Last time I broke two toes (two weeks before my wedding), I went to the emergency room and they did not do anything for me except give me a bill.  LOL  (Update on my toe this morning, it is not broken, but blue and very sore.  Luckily I don't need to wear shoes until our midweek service at church)
I finished all of my butterflies and Dresden plates.  Pippi had to check them all out of course.
I wanted to make a patchwork sashing.  I cut all my strips 2 3/4 inches wide.  
Instead of measuring it and trying to do the math, I just laid them out on the blocks to see if I had enough.  I laid all the blocks out so I could see them, of course my babies had to help.  This is the sheet I bought for the back of the quilt.
 Tiger loves a good belly rub!  He looks good in blue!

Next I sewed all my strips together in two sections.

Then I trimmed it up and cut 2 3/4 strips again.

Of course I ironed everything as I went.  Then I cut 24 16 inch strips, four for the top and 20 for the bottom of each block.
 I ironed again.

 Then I trimmed them up evenly.

 I cut the side strips the same, except 18 1/2 inches, since they are longer after adding the bottom sashing.  The top four were longer though, but I can't remember what size I cut those.
I was going to sew it all together Friday after appliqueing my antennae  but I couldn't figure out how to get my feed dogs back up.  Duh, I just had to turn the wheel!  LOL
So, everything is cut out, all I have left is sewing the top together, measuring it to see if it needs another border to make it the right size, adding a border to the backing to make it big enough, adding the label (which is already printed), quilting it and adding the border.  I have five days to finish it!  ARRRRGH!  But I can do it!
Very busily quilting (and limping) along!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Winner and birthday pictures

My husband and I had a full day planned for today since tomorrow is my birthday!  We spent the day in Ft. Worth.  First we went to the TX Civil War Museum, then the Trinity Valley Quilt Guild Ft. Worth Quilt Show.  For a very late lunch we had a coupon for Giovanni's at the Ft. worth Stockyards.  We would have walked around there, but it was pouring!
Now for the winner, I had 12 entries.  I wrote the numbers on pieces of paper, crumpled them up and threw them on the floor.  The first one Pippi picked up was the winner and she picked Cheryl! I have met Cheryl through Facebook and she answers a lot of my quilting questions!  Congratulations Cheryl, I'll send your pattern out next week!
I ordered a black forest cheesecake and a cannoli for dessert, Chris said he did not want a dessert (he refuses to try cheesecake LOL).  The waiter gave my cannoli to Chris and he ate it!  LOL  I did get a bite though, and it was the best cannoli I have ever had in my life!
My cheesecake was pretty good too!  My husband grabbed my cellphone and took some pictures!

What can I say?  It was good!  They make all their food from scratch there!

I took some pictures from the museum, they have beautiful dresses on display, but first I wanted to show you this log cabin quilt from 1844.  I love the fancy stitching on it.
 I would love to wear dresses like these to church, but guess I would look a little silly!

 They even had a hand crank sewing machine and vintage sewing kit on display.

 I love the plaids!
 Aren't you glad we don't have to wear stuff like this anymore?

 I'm trying to lose my big behind, but they used to want them bigger!  LOL  But the dresses are still gorgeous!

 They were selling hats, but I was not about to spend $100 on them!

 I'll have to post pictures from the quilt show later, this one was long enough!  LOL

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Junking Finds

I just have to share some of the recent finds from Antique Alley.  I look forward to Antique Alley twice a year.  I love to go junking!  The third weekend in April and September, and it is always HOT.  It will be wonderful weather before and after, but the day I go is unbearable!  It is miles and miles of yard sales, barn sales, estate sales, outdoor fleamarkets. It goes from Itasca to Cleburne, TX.   I cannot believe what I found!  I got two old quilts for $5!!!!!  I was so excited!  I love old scrappy quilts!  My husband said they are ugly, but I don't agree!  One is a four patch and one is a bow tie quilt.
Here's the four patch, they are both hand quilted.  Of course the cats love them!  I haven't washed them yet in these pictures.

 Muffin's favorite spot is under the quilt rack.
I'm pretty sure this is a bowtie.  I love the colors!  It is really stained on the back, I got most of them out, hanging them on the clothesline, the sun did wonders on the stains!

 I love the borders!
I also got a lot of sewing stuff, and wooden spools!  All for $9!

 I don't know what the blue thing is for, or the long fingernail clippers, but they were in grab bags.
There were also parts to make a porcelain doll.
 Pippi even got something!

I also found a sheet for the back of my quilt, isn't it perfect?  $1!
Here is some more of the stuff I got!  The tea set is my sister's birthday present!

Here are the quilts all washed and put on the quilt rack!
Thanks for letting me share!  Friday is the last day to enter my giveaway, you can go here to enter!
Since my cats were so excited about my shopping trip (did I mention that Muffin tried to eat something off the quilt and my husband had to chase him down to see what it was?) I thought I would share this post at Sarah's Feline Friday Linky Party.
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