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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Quilt Show Categories

Here are the last of the quilts from the Ava, MO Quilt Show.
The first category was sponsored by the local newspaper, The Douglas County Herald.  
Their category was "The Town Crier, Read All About It."
This first quilt was my favorite!  The low volume fabric looks like faded newsprint and the town crier was appliqued on.
This next one had some fabric with cat themed newspaper articles.  She made this quilt for her cats and it has minky on the back.

 I love the bright colors of this one.  The main fabric is a sewing themed newspaper page and all of the other fabric has letters on it.
 This one also has newsprint fabric and is "What is black and white and read all over?  A Newspaper"  It won first place in this category.

The next category was "Wild About Animals" and sponosred by an individual, Caryl Stillings
This quilt has animals machine embroidered on it.

 I love the window pane look done with this horse panel.
 This 3-D zebra makes me smile!
 This quilt was done by a ten year old!
 I love the teddy bears!
 This next quilt is mine and won first place in this category.
 The last category was "Country Homes" sponsored by United Realty Company.
This quilt really does make me think of country homes.
 I love the redbud landscape quilt!
 I love these different houses quilt, what a fun idea!  The outhouse is my favorite!

 I love the MO map!
 The last quilt is the barn quilt it was the winner of this category, it is also my quilt.
I'll have to post the mini quilts in another post!

I look forward to our quilt show every year!  You will have to look at my previous two posts to see the rest of the quilts!


Friday, August 18, 2017

Ava Art Guild Quilt Show

I wanted to share some more pictures from the quilt show.  These quilts were not part of the category contests, they were displayed for general viewing pleasure.  They can be voted on for viewer's choice though.  I forgot to write down the names of the quilt owners.  
I love all of the great inspiration from other quilters.

This one is made with boy scout patches and each block represents the patches.

The one below is hand stitched, I love the roses.

The antique double wedding ring quilt below is being sold for $169 by one of the local antique stores.  I love that the owner shared it with the quilt show.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Finished Quilt and a Win!

I finally finished my barn quilt.  I made the top in 2013.  I combined two quilt alongs from Bee in my Bonnet.  I finished it in September while living in TX and then moved to MO in October four years ago.  When one of the categories announced for our local quilt show was country homes I knew I needed to get this top quilted!

 Due to a few setbacks I did not start quilting it until last week.  I decided to just do wavy lines since I can't draw a straight line much less quilt one!  Of course I had lots of help quilting it on my treadle, a Singer 66 with Lotus decals.  It is 100 years old and a workhorse!

 I was sewing the binding on at the very last minute, washed it, dried it and took it right over to get it entered!

It was not a technical judging, area businesses hosted categories.  All names were hidden from the judges.  The country homes category was hosted by United Realty, who sold my house to me last year, and she picked my quilt!  She said it was a quilt she would want to put on her bed.  I got first place, I'm super excited!
 I also entered another old quilt from 2014.  You can read more about this quilt here:   http://missyscakesandaprons.blogspot.com/2014/08/cat-quilt-finished.html

I entered this quilt in the Wild about Animals category.  This was part of a block exchange and a friend made the center cross stitch section for me.  It also won first place in it's category!
They really liked the descriptions I wrote talking about my quilts.  That is training I got from writing blogs.  LOL  This one was held by Caryl Stillings of the Ava Art Guild because she wanted an animal theme.
The show prize money is a great blessing also.  I know my quilts would never win a "technical" challenge, but that's okay.  I would be totally stressed trying to make my quilts perfect.

If you live near Ava, MO, the quilt show is running until August 24 or 26, I can't remember.  It is free and being held at the Ava Art Guild Gallery.

I'll be sharing quilts by category all week!

Have you ever entered a quilt in a quilt show before?

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