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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last Finishes of 2016

I finally made curtains for my sewing room.  I put up temporary ones after we moved in, back in April.  I just could not decide on what fabric I wanted to use.  I was going to put a ruffle on the curtains, but I think I like it the way it is.  The shutters were on the windows when I moved in.  They were specially built for these windows.  I was thinking of taking them off to open up the windows more, what do you think?
When we moved in, my realtor gave me a gift certificate for $25 to a fabric store.  This was in April, I lost the certificate (the fabric store was an hour away).  Last week when I switched purses, I found it in an old purse!  Yesterday, I went to the store and found Pam Kitty fabric for $5.99 a yard!
These are the curtains that were in my sewing room when I moved in, everything was still a mess.

I only got five yards of fabric, but it was some fabric I had been wanting!  Next time I got to Springfield, I will have to pay the store another visit!
This is how my cats spent their time while I was sewing.
 I also finished hand stitching around this cake block, but I forgot to take a picture of it.
This is all of the sewing I finished this week and I had the whole week off!  I did go ahead and take down my Christmas decorations and rearranged a lot of decorations.  I switched out this quilt with another quilt, easy way to change decor in my rooms by switching them around.
Have a happy new year everyone!


Sarah said...

Love your new curtains! I'm a fan of shutters so I say leave them up, esp since they were sized for those windows.

I keep my shutters closed at night/winter to keep the heat in. I still need valances tho. I've been saving "cutting mat" fabric for the valances. Maybe 2017 will be the year I finally make them.

Tena said...

I love the shutters! Your fabric choice for the curtains is so very cute! What quilt shop in Springfield did you go to? I'm headed to Springfield myself on Tuesday and going to Merrily We Quilt Along.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I like the shutters. They give you more privacy, when you want it, and can be opened up for sunlight. It's been years since I visited a quilt shop in Springfield. Happy New Year!

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