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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Whimsical Cake Class

I got a great deal on a Whimsical Cake Class, only $25!  I asked Chris if we had the money and for such a great deal, of course!  Then I got the supply list!  I have to bake 2 - 12 inch cakes, 2 - 9 inch cakes, and 2 - six inch cakes, and they all have to be pound cake!  I found a recipe for the bottom tier which I will be serving at church, it is honey-whole wheat pound cake and I will be using palm sugar for the cake and frosting.  I wanted to use palm sugar for the whole cake, but that would have been over $30 for just the palm sugar!  Not to mention the about 6 pounds of butter I'll be using!  Needless to say the two top tiers will be cane sugar.  Did I mention the over six pounds of buttercream that I need to make?
I also need a pvc pipe cutter.  I'll have to pray someone has one I can borrow, because after buying 6 lbs of fondant (about $16 with a coupon) I'm broke.  I have a little bit of fondant and modelling chocolate left over from a previous project, I hope it will be enough for the decorations.  If not I'll try to save back a few dollars in case I need to buy more.
I had trouble figuring out what a sewing gauge is too, it turns out to be a metal flat thing I already have in my sewing box!  I learned something new!
I have lost my roll and cut mat, it would not stay flat so I stopped using it, who knows where it is.  I also need separator plates, dowel rods, spatulas, rolling pins, pizza cutter, cake drum and etc.  PTL that except for the cake drum I seem to have everything else!  I'll have to make the cake drum out of some pizza rounds that I got (sounds like a great job for Chris!)
The class is two days away and I still cannot decide on the design!  I want whimsical gerber daisies, and garden with toadstools and bugs, and elegant.  There are so many to choose from!  I am excited about my class and I know the Lord will provide everything I need, He always does!
Happy Baking!

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Mimi said...

sounds very exciting I can't wait to see the pictures :-)

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