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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Calling all quilters!

The Lord has laid something on my heart.  As ya'll know, I have started a prayer quilt ministry at my church.  We are still small in size though, so quilts are not made very fast.  We are in the process of making a quilt now, and it has been taking a few months.  There is a little girl in Arkansas in need of a prayer quilt.  Her grandmother was my English teacher in high school.  The little girl's name is Kenzie.  She is 7 and has cerebral palsy. 

She is a sweet little girl who's family loves her very much.  The Lord laid it on my heart that she needs a prayer quilt now, so I would like to ask if anyone would like to donate quilt blocks to make her a quilt  she can use in her wheel chair?  I'll sew the quilt together and quilt it.  She loves pink, so I was thinking of making the pinwheels pink and white and purple and white.  Now, go ahead and use your scraps, so if you have colors that would match pink and purple, you are welcome to use those also.
I found an awesome, easy tutorial that uses charm packs.  A charm square is five inches square so just use five inch squares to make your pinwheel.  You do not have to use this tutorial as long as all of the blocks are the same size.  If you can help I would really appreciate it.
She just had surgery(She had to have hamstrings lengthened, groin muscle lengthened, and her hip put back in place. It involved breaking her leg in 2 places and some other work to repair the cup that the ball joint sits in.) and I would really like to get this quilt to her as quickly as possible.

If someone has some pink material or a pink sheet or pink flannel or minky or anything like that, they can donate for the back also, that would be awesome!
I was going to make the quilt crib size, if anyone has any suggestions, they would be appreciated, you can see how she "wears" her blanket from the picture above.  Do you think crib size is big enough?

Don't you love her smile?
Here is the tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.
 http://blog.missouriquiltco.com/update-on-the-easy-pinwheels/  The block finishes out to 5 3/4 when using five inch squares to start with.
Remember, this is a prayer quilt so please pray for her as you make the blocks.
Thank you for your help!  I would like to get all of the blocks by February 14, is two weeks enough time to make a couple of blocks?  (If I end up with extra, I'll just use them for another prayer quilt for another little girl, I hope that will be the only problem we have!)
Thank you!

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