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Monday, January 7, 2013

Design Wall Monday

 We got the top done for the granny square quilt for the prayer quilt ministry!

 Joeann embroidered our names(she misspelled her own name!LOL) and either a prayer or scripture reference around the inner border.  Tomorrow at the quilt along, we'll baste it and begin hand quilting.  Today I'll sew the back together for it.  The binding is going to be the navy blue from the black ground.

 I finished quilting my postage stamp quilt!  I did a stipple/meandering all over it.  (Pippi thinks this is her quilt)

I traced a few snowflakes, I wish I had put more. (You can see it better on the back)
Make sure that ALL pieces of fabric is picked up off the table before quilting.  The fleece attracts it!  Yep, I sewed it right on!  LOL
Just remember when looking at it, that this is my first free motion quilting!  I got bored with the meandering and wrote Missy loves Chris in one spot, another spot says Praise the Lord, I drew a cat's face in one spot, a happy face and a flower!  LOL  I was just having fun with it! I traced penguins from a cookie cutter around the border.
Here is the how the penguin looks after I traced parts of it.

 There are all kinds of mistakes, but it was my first time and this quilt is for me, so that's okay!  The next one will be better!
I'll give close ups of my "pictures" after I wash it.  Of course Pipp was helping!
 The only thing left to do is the binding!
My hand and arm cramped so bad from the FMQing, that the night I finished it, it was numb with pain while I was trying to sleep.  I could not get comfortable at all!  My husband bought me a pair of quilting gloves the next day!  He's so sweet!
What are you working on?
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