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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Feline Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  I had to share the above picture of Pippi - she's a hoot!
The picture below is my neice, Johnna-6, to the right my sister, Thresia - 42, and the bottom, me-39.  I just thought it was funny we all had on purple shoes!  I went to visit my family last week in Lubbock, TX.
 We all went to the corn maize, a big corn field with a maze cut in it - it was a blast.  Here's me and my mom.
 Gorgeous sunset!  It got pretty dark in that maze!
 This week I went to the Dallas World aquarium with the homeschooler's field trip.  They let me go even though I don't have kids, an extra pair of hands is always helpful with the little ones!  Of course my favorite exhibit was the penguins!
 I thought this sword fish was hilarious!  He looks mean!  There was a tunnel and the big fish were swimming above us!
 Here's another one, those are some big lips!
I hope ya'll don't mind this totally useless blog post today but I had to share those funny pictures!!  Have a great weekend!
P.S.  I have a big giveaway coming up!
I'm linking up to Feline Friday at Sarah Did It!  Since I was gone last week I only have the one cat picture though!  Be sure to stop by!  http://sarahdidit.blogspot.com/


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Pippi looks very stylish in her beautiful headdress. LOL! Those ARE big lips on that fish. (This is an example of why I never go more than ankle deep in the ocean!)

Denise :) said...

There is an uncanny resemblance between Pippi in her "outfit" and the penguins. Just sayin...! :)

Sarah said...

I don't know...Pippi makes me think of some poor european or russian woman with a scarf tied on to keep warm. LOVE the purple sneaks...need to get me some :)

BTW - blogger needs to watch it's word/number typing thing...mine was almost a naughty word!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Darling picture of "Pippi"!!!

:) Carolyn

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