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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hand Crank Sewing Machines

Today I'm going to share lots of pictures of hand crank sewing machines and treadles for the TOGA.
There are more, these are just the ones I took on Saturday.
I love this "modern" hand crank, it is an original hand crank, one of the last ones made.  I want one!
Here's a close up view of her notions, a little clock, a hoodie (thread cutter) and her scissors!

These two are called chain stitcher sewing machines because they do not use bobbins and and make a chain stitch intead of a lock stitch like later machines.

White feather weight, it was for sale but not in my budget right now.

Back and front views of a Jones, isn't it gorgeous?

I also really like this green Singer, I believe it was manufactured in the 60's.  I love the block she's making too.

This Necchi (pronounced neck e)is from Italy.  I hear they are one of the best machines ever made.  She's also making a string block!

I'm not sure what kind of machine this is, but it's gorgeous, we had a beauty contest for the machines!

Another gorgeous machines, the decals are perfect!

This one was passed down through her husband's family.

A Wilcox and Gibbs, the motor is almost as big as the machine!  Don't you love  the foot pedal?
One of these days I would love to have an original hand crank, both of my machines have been converted, one was an electric and one was a treadle.  I'll post more pictures later!  And yes, all of these machines are used to sew with, they do not just sit on shelves!

Cranking away in TX,


Little Penpen said...

I think I want a featherweight and I would love for it to have a hand crank. Where do you even begin to look for these things? Love!!

Michelle said...

I would love to get my hands on a handcrank machine one of these days -- they just look so neat! But I suppose I should learn to use my own treadle first.

Cattrix said...

Missy, hand cranks are a lot of fun, if you have a Singer with a spoked hand wheel and a motor mount or boss on the back with a hole for a bolt, you can get a reproduction hand crank that will work. I just got 2, one for a 128 VS and one for a 27 head. Easy to attach.

mail4rosey said...

This is awesome. I have an old sewing machine that I love (it was my gram's). I liked this post!

I'm visiting today from Thursday's Favorite Things. :)

LV said...

You really back in time as even I do not recall seeing some of these. My mother always used a Singer.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Loved all the TOGA pictures. One of these days, I'll make it down for this TOGA, since it is in my home state. Boy do I miss the bluebonnets. I've been loving hearing all the chatter about the TOGA on the yahoo group. Isn't Riley G a sweetie! He made me a pitman for a treadle last year. Now if I can just get the stupid bobbin thread to pick up, that treadle will work.

DragonPoodle said...

Thanks for putting up these great photos!

Christine said...

So cool! I need to get to a TOGA one of these years.

Carolyn Sullivan said...

Loved reading about all of the old sewing machines, I have several Featherweights, and an old Singer 99 w the coffin, and an old Montgomery Ward w a shuttle. Don't know if it runs, and I don't know how to fill the shuttle.
I have a few for sale: http://queencityquilter.blogspot.com/2013/03/featherweight-ag527124.html
And here http://queencityquilter.blogspot.com/2013/03/another-featherweight-ag530646.html

If you are interested let me know .

Quilter Kathy said...

Such fabulous photos...thanks for sharing them! Sounds like a wonderful time!

Sally Burch said...

These are lovely. I have four hand cranked Singer machines here. The first was my grandmothers and dated to 1934. I then bought 3 more on ebay for my 3 daughters (they were not high cost here in the UK). One is over 120 years old and still working beautifully. These machines are such a joy to work and we have had many fun days working together around the kitchen table. I really need to photograph them each individually and do a post like this too. :-)

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