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Monday, July 12, 2010

Girly Three Ruffle Half Apron

I do not like patterns, I have a hard time following them, so when I found this material with the pattern pre-printed on it, I was ecstatic!  I love these colors also, pink and green is such a fun girly combination.  The ruffled apron is more work since there are three times as many hems and and stuff, but it is so cute - I love it!  I bought an extra one so that I can use it as a pattern to make more ruffled aprons.  The directions were pretty easy to follow.  I just wish the material was not so expensive!!

The first thing I did was cut my pieces out and laid them out.  I made sure that I didn't accidentally throw the directions away, that wouldn't be good!

First I did a zig - zag stitch all the way around the ruffle - this keeps the material from fraying.  Then I did a 1/4 inch hem all the way around.  Then I stacked the three ruffles on top of each other, pinned them, then sewed them together.

I pressed the ends down on the ties, then folded them in half and pressed down again.  I then found my center on the tie and the apron and pinned them together.  Make sure the tie is over the front and back for an even look.  Then sew and you are done!

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Chrystal said...

Great job, Missy. It turned out really cute!

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