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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pug Dog Mold Tutorial

Decorate the Cake sent me a silicone mold for a pug dog to try out.  It is the cutest mold, and so easy to use.  My husband is used to it taking me a while to sculpt things, so he looked over and was surprised I was already finished with the dog!
First I printed off a picture of a pug dog to make sure I got the coloring right.  Then I took some black fondant and put it in the areas where his nose and ears are.  I used a fondant stick with a ball at the end to push the fondant into the crevices.  Remember to scrap away the extra fondant from around the dog's features.

I took half my fondant and added a tiny bit of copper to the white.  I added a very small amount of brown to the other half. Then swirl the colors sparingly (you want it to look like the markings from a dog). I took a tiny part and swirled some black with it for the tail.  Put some vanilla onto the black pieces already in the mold to ensure that they stick.  Make sure you have a smooth oblong shape and then press into the mold.  Then you gently pop out your dog.  Very easy and fast!  I love this mold!  I then made some dog bones and a red ball for the cake.  I also took some left over black and rolled into a small ball, then pushed my ball end of my fondant stick into the middle and shaped them into bowls. (I forgot to take pictures of this part) I cut up a Wilton candy melt and put it into one of the bowls for the dog food.  I then colored some frosting blue for the water bowl.  I would have used some blue piping gel if I had some.
I would not suggest trying out new frosting recipes when decorating a cake, because although the new frosting was delicious, I could not decorate with it!  I'll post the recipe in a few days for you!

Although the frosting looked terrible, I feel the accents were very cute!

You can go here http://www.decoratethecake.com/store/Default.asp to buy this cute mold!  Be sure to look around because they have a lot of cute and elegant molds to use!
Happy Baking!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my word I need a pug mould. Im in the UK where can I get one?

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