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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Barn time!

I finished two more barns!  Custard wanted to model this block!  I like the silo with the black and white polka dots.
I got some new cat material!  My husband said calicoes are on sale at Hobby Lobby if I wanted to get some.  I was getting this cut and he commented that he thought I was getting some calicoes.  I explained to him I did, see the calico cats?  LOL  I love the one with the big pregnant tummy!

I did not have enough of the red chicken fabric for the window also, so I put French chickens in the window.  This barn has American chickens, which are short and fat and French chickens which are tall and skinny!  LOL
This is my cow barn.  My friend picked up the cow print at a yard sale for me.
She even found the small cows at the same yard sale!  What do you think of the red stripes?  I'm thinking I might need to do another red striped barn, to balance out the quilt.  I put some of the cat material in this block too.  I even have the moo material in the sashing on this block.
I am thinking of using this red material for my border.  It says cup of kindness and has teapots on it.  Do you think it is too busy?  It would need to be at least 3 inches wide to show the print.
I had made seven barns before I decided to also do the barn with silos. The quilt will have 12 blocks.   I was thinking of doing three more with silos, which would leave me with an extra block.  I could either put it on the back, or make a pillow with it, or leave it in and just change up the sashing to fit, then I would only need to make two more.  What would you do?  The block on the bottom is the odd ball sine it does not have a quilt block in it.
These are my options for the additional three barns.  I could use the first one with circles, but I do have two doors with that print.  I also have the black checked which was used on one roof.  There is also the black gingham that has only been used on one silo.  I would have used it on a roof, but just got it at a yard sale and had already made those blocks.    I could also do another cow print, although I will be putting that into the sashing also.  There is a black on black print underneath but I think it might be too dark?  Which three would you pick?
Tiger all stretched out.

Oreo matches!

Okay lots of questions!
1.  Do I make two or three more blocks with silos?  7 barns and 5 silos, or an even 6 of both?
2.  Do I use this red border?  If not I was thinking another (2 1/2 inches) small red border instead.
3.  Which material would you use for the last three (or maybe two) silos?

Thank you for the help!
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Tamara Oster said...

Sooo...these are my thought, since you asked :-)

I would make three more silo blocks and stagger the them; then I would use the extra barn block and make a very super cute pillow.

I like the red border - the barns & silos pop out when the red is next to them.

I would use the two black & whites that have not been used yet for the silos, it keeps it more interesting. I love the cow spots, but it needs to remain a fun treat, not expected.

I love the way your quilt top is shaping up! How fun and whimsical!

Christine Carey said...

I wouldn't make any more silo blocks, and just distribute the three silos you have more evenly throughout the quilt. That way they become little points of interest and variation, instead of becoming 50% of your theme. I hope that makes sense.

I think a red border would look very pretty!

CrazyCatLady said...

Whatever you decide to do will be just wonderful! Love the live kitty models and the kitty fabric too!

Karen said...

Your silo blocks are awesome. I love all your barn blocks.

Melissa said...

Your barns look fantastic. I think I would use red but perhaps a solid to give the eye a place to rest as there is a lot going on in this beautiful quilt. Whatever you decide it will be beautiful!

Leigh Anne said...

Those barns are adorable! I'm impressed that your husband a) noticed fabric on sale and b) told you about it!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Odd number on the silos.
I think I like the red, but it would be easier to be sure with a piece the same width you plan to use lined up along one side of the blocks.
Another dark silo and another light one.
The gingham does balance the stripe, but it would be okay to have one more of either, for the odd and magic three.
Love your barns! Good job doing them. Gotta love a husband who encourages your fabric buying.

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