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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Quilting the Sailboat Quilt

I've been busy quilting the Sailboat Quilt.  I spray basted it, boy do I love the spray basting over the pin basting.  I had mentioned to my step mom how it hurt my knees to walk on the floor basting my quilts and she gave me some knee pads.  Wow, what a difference they make!
 I am quilting it on my Singer 16, whom I refer to as my big old lady since she is an industrial treadle and 129 years old!
 I was going to FMQ tiny wavy lines straight across, but my FMQ foot must still be packed somewhere, I looked for an hour and could not find it.  That's okay, my walking foot fits her just fine.  I'm just sewing crooked lines across and will stitch in the ditch down the sashing going the other way.  I don't want "squares" on the sailboats.  I love working on this machine!
I promised myself not to stress about the quilting on these next couple of quilts I am quilting since I want to finish both of them quickly.

I don't need to wear my quilting gloves to sew with a walking foot, but I prefer it and they keep my hands warm as an added bonus!  Somebody chewed the edge of one of them.  I'm going to blame Pippi since she has a bit of history of chewing things.

What kind of machine do you like to do your quilting on?  BTW, I learned how to quilt on my Janome but prefer my treadle.



Heidi said...

Does the spray basting hold the layers firmly? I'm curious if they start to shift as you stuff the quilt into your machine and shift it around. I have only used pins to secure layers.

Kim said...

I am also curious about spray basting a large quilt. Does it hold? I machine quilt all of my quilts on my Vintage Singer. I was told it was made around 1938-1939. It is the best for quilting.

Dorian said...

I have 4 vintage machines. Sadly my treadle still has a broken piece, I need to be more active in finding a replacement. lol. Anyways, I fmq with my Singer 201-2. I love this machine, do most of my piecing on it too. Until my treadle is fixed, then I'll piece with it.

KaHolly said...

I just inherited a 1964 Kenmore in a cabinet and am loving it. It's like driving a cadillac!

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

I spray baste small quilts, but larger ones I still pin baste, but I am a lucky girl we have 3 banquet tables that I can set up in the barn to pin baste with.

Kevin the Quilter said...

What a great quilt, and I think it is so cool you fmq on a treadle!

Sarah Craig said...

I quilt on my long arm, Jolene (an Artistic 26 made by Janome) or on my Juki TL-98Q if I want to do straight line quilting. I'd love to try quilting on my treadle machine but need to give it a good cleaning - I haven't used it in about twenty years!

purplefiend said...

I quilt with either a Bernina 930 or a Viking Sapphire 875, however all of the piecing of quilts is done with one of my treadle machines. The current favorite is a 1917 White Rotary treadle.
Sharon W.

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