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Sunday, October 26, 2014

My sewing Room!

I thought I would share more pictures of my sewing room with you!  Here are pictures of my new cutting table.

My sewing corner 

 Here is the machine where I do all of my quilting.

My Singer 16 U288 1891 Industrial treadle, with Muffin

To the left is my handcrank where I do all of my small piecing.  It is in a green cabinet I bought at a thrift store.
Singer Red Eye 66, back clamping, converted to a hand crank, 1918
The next is the treadle that sew my bigger quilting pieces on, like strips and stuff.  It has Lotus decals on it.  This was my, "I want that" machine.
Singer 66, back clamping, 1915
Over here I have my electric Elnita that needs to be tested out.  On top is my portable hand crank that you have seen before, my Singer 99 that is a 3/4 size of the 66's above.  It was originally electric, but was missing the knee bar.  Beside it is an old changing table that the top is used for a cat bed and the lower shelves hold my ongoing projects.
 This is my closet area and my Singer 12 that needs a lot of cleaning still.  She is from 1872.
 I still need a needle plate and needles for her.
Here is the top of my closet.
That is my sewing room, yes, all but two of the machines are used!  The Elnita and 12 are not used yet.
Muffin is hosting my Feline Friday post and will have more to show you!

How many sewing machines do you use?


Michelle said...

I love your sewing corner. The machines are wonderful. Mine are on my blog under the sewing machines tab at the top.

Cheryl said...

Your room looks so cheerful. You've done an awesome job at organizing everything. I have trouble keeping my sewing room clean when using it...

Kim said...

You've got a lot of beautiful vintage sewing machines. Awesome sewing space :-)

Linda Swanekamp said...

Thanks for the tour. I am trying hard to get a treadle cabinet back together that I refinished so I can put a 237 in it to zigzag. Everything looks real inviting to sew. How is the teaching going?

Anonymous said...

Missy, I am jealous of your nice room. I'm still waiting for DH to get my daughter's old bed out of mine so I can get organized. I now have four machines that I use regularly, my Household and Singer 66-1 treadles, my Anker hand crank and my electric machine (newish Kenmore). But they are pretty much stacked on top of one another. The Singer 66-1 is in my bedroom! I have cat helpers, too, but they are afraid of the treadle, for some reason. Thanks for sharing your setup with us, it looks like a nice place to be! --Sue Kelly

SewCalGal said...

Your sewing room is so bright and cheerful. Looks like a super fun place to create in. And, you are so organized. Love it.


Anonymous said...

OHHH MISSY...your sewing room is gorgeous! I am inspired to redo my spare room...am going to use your pictures as a format to make better use of my space!!!

Your machines are gorgeous!! When did you get the last little one..with the coffin top?? LOVE IT...and I soooo love your industrial ...I want one !

LOVE YOUR KITTY BABIES...they are sooo involved in your creative endeavors :) They are precious!!!


Podunk Pretties said...

Such a happy and CLEAN room, wonder how long it'll stay like that!?

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Your room is so nice. I have 5 machines currently set up to use in an instant and 4 others which only take a few minutes.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Your place is really looking good! I love the sewing room! Seeing yours tells me I need to get busy and get mine in shape.

Little Penpen said...

One machine for me, though I would love to have one set up for sewing and one for quilting. Your room is wonderful!

Denise :) said...

You have a LOT of machines! What fun -- your sewing room is bright and lovely--looking forward to Friday's post! :)

Kay said...

I have many machines. I try to give them all a turn. I don't have an industrial yet. Hopefully someday one will follow me home. Love your sewing room. I love seeing how you set up. I'd like to have a real room someday.

donna said...

I just love your sewing your. Your sewing machines are just amazing.

Valerie Reynolds said...

SO cozy with lots of fun storage ideas...like the changing table. Isn't it fun...it's like being a kid all over again...having a play room of our own.

retrorevival.biz said...

Look at how pretty and cheerful your space is! Thanks for sharing your pictures:)

Lara B. said...

Your sewing room is utterly charming Missy! You know... most Singer 16 U288 1891 Industrial treadles don't come with the Muffin attachment. You were really lucky to find on with that. :)

Little Penpen said...

I love the cats in the dress form. too cute! your sewing space is so happy!!

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