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Monday, August 8, 2016

Berry Mint Salad

I made a delicious berry mint salad for a potluck at church yesterday.  I did not think about taking a picture of it in the pretty bowl though.  There was not any left so I had to make some more!  It is super easy to make.
Slice a quart of strawberries, add a pint of blueberries, add two kinds of grapes.  You can add any kind of berries you want, in fact I have some cherries I'm going to add to the last little bit.  Put a couple of spoonfuls of sugar on top and let it sit for at least an hour to make a syrup.  (This is how I make my strawberry shortcakes)  Stir it a couple of times.  The longer it sits, the more syrup it makes.  Add some fresh mint from your garden, or you buy some from the store.  The mint is what makes this salad special.
To make the whipped cream, pour about 1 1/2 cups of heavy whipping cream into your mixer.  Add about a 1/4 cup of powdered sugar.  The powdered sugar makes the whipped cream stiffer and sweet.  Add about 1/2 a teaspoon of vanilla.  Add the zest of one lemon.  I did not measure anything, the measurements are all approximate.  The lemon adds a special touch of freshness.  Use the whip attachment on your mixer and whip until stiff.  Don't whip it too long or you will have butter!
Mix it all together and enjoy!
I was super excited, I actually got three strawberries from my plants before the bunny ate them!  The mint and strawberries are my first garden plants!  I also have a rosemary plant and my husband has a couple of elderberry bushes he planted.  I will never be a full scale gardener, but I love the feeling of growing something I can eat!  Now if I can just kill the stupid Japanese beetles that are eating my roses!

I'm working on my husband's quilt from last year, hoping to finish it this week!


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Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Oh that looks yummy. I never used powdered sugar in my whipped cream before but I was trying to make stabilized whipped cream for a fresh banana whipped cream cake and it turned out wonderful.

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