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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sewing Class

I started a sewing class st my house.  I am teaching three little girls how to sew.  Our first project was a simple pin cushion and they were super excited to have sewn something!
 I make them thread their own machine at the beginning of class.  I want it to become second nature to them.  It's going slow right now, but that is okay.  Next week we are making pillow cases next week.
I made the best homemade macaroni in cheese yesterday.  I hate food cooked in the microwave, but this was delicious!  My deep covered baker makes a huge difference!
You can see the video with the recipe here:   https://www.facebook.com/MissyShayMO
Question.  These girls are ten and eleven years old.  Are they too young to use a rotary cutter?  Should I cut the pillow cases before class with my rotary cutter or let them cut ti out with scissors, or teach them to use the rotary cutter?  What do you think?



kate steeper said...

Theyre never to young to sew, my daughters school were horrified that she could use and thread a handcrank age 6 , I gave her one for xmas that year and she never looked back its 20 years ago now but her son who is 8 is yearning to have a go and shes equally horrified . The longer summer break is only a month away and hes doing serious granny time this year , so as well as being a proficient gardener by September he may well be equally able with a Singer ..lol

Heidi S said...

If the girls seem grounded and responsible, I would give them a very serious lesson in rotary cutter safety. Then demonstrate and allow them to use it with close supervision. I did all types of hazardous stuff when I was a kid. I was also raised in a different time of teaching kids responsibility. If these girls are responsible, they can probably handle it. Let us know how it goes :)

Little Penpen said...

Isn't there some type of safety glove you can get for rotary cutting? I'm sure the girls are loving their classes!

Sally Langston Warren said...

I think they can be given the opportunity to use the rotary cutter. I would stress safety, of course, and the habit of always closing the cutter when they put it down (no matter if they are just putting it down for 2seconds before using it again). I taught sewing to children of this age and let them use it. I had 5 girls and only one in my group was a bit forgetful about closing it. I watched her carefully. It helps if they are allowed to use it only at one specific table, so when someone is at that table, you can keep an eye on them. In addition to pillowcases and pin cushions, we also did scrunchies, aprons, tote bags (see green bag lady's website), pajama bottoms, and a throw size quilt.

Sally said...

If you want to work on cutting skills, I suggest you start them off with a smaller project so they can practice the techniques that will produce straight cuts and square corners. Also, I would not attempt the lesson without the Fons and Porter Glove for rotary cutting. I work in a 4-H quilting program and we don't introduce rotary cutting until the youths are older and taller and able to stand at the cutting table. However, a lower table that allows the shorter youths to have the upper body weight over the ruler and rotary cutter will give better results. Additionally, you might to make sure all your rulers are made with the gripper back coating or dots or add skateboard grip tape in a few places on rulers without a slip proof coating or gripper dots. I ordered skateboard grip tape from Amazon for a very inexpensive price.

Miaismine said...

The classes sound like so much fun! In regards to your question....I would show them using the mini rotary cutter first along with the other safety tips offered: the glove and such...Happy sewing!

Sarah said...

I would think rotary cutter vs scissors depends on the girls attitude and responsibility levels. Hopefully you can teach them rotary cutting after a serious lesson on the consequences of a new/sharp blade. Let them know it's a privilege to use a RC and watch them closely at first. As someone else mentioned, I would find a table that is the appropriate height for the girls so they don't struggle with learning the proper technique.

Ginger B said...

I had a 10yo in one of my quilting classes. She did use the rotary cutter but was always supervised by either myself or her mom. After scaring each of us a couple of times her mom did the cutting.

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