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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Purse to match my Cape

I went to the zoo today and knew it would be a perfect day to wear my new cape and hat since it was supposed to be 60° today .  Remember the one I made a couple of weeks ago?  http://missyscakesandaprons.blogspot.com/2011/12/i-wore-flannel-sheet-to-church-today.html  .  It was a gorgeous day!  I wanted a matching purse and since I had some fabric leftover I decided to make one last night.
Since I had used all the blue from the sheet, I needed to find some more blue.  I found some old valances in my stash that was perfect!
I really had no idea what I was doing, but I will try to give you an idea how I made my purse.  First I used a crock pot lid to give me the rounded bottom.  I then cut straight up the sides.  I also used this same pattern for a heavy interfacing and the blue for the lining.
I put a pocket all the way across, I wish I had pulled it down a little though since it ended up being right at the top.  I put another blue pocket underneath this one to give a layered (or graduated) pocket.  I wish I had sewn up the middle because when I put the pleat in the front it made this pocket stick out too much.  I'm going to hand stitch it down.  Sew this on just the blue and interfacing so your stitches don't show on the outside.
I forgot to take anymore pictures, sorry.
I also put two pockets the sizes of my camera and phone on the other side.
I have some little pockets on my camera pocket because I used the "holes" from where the curtain rod would have gone and had them on the top rather then sewing another hem down for the top of the pocket.
Here is a picture of the inside of my purse.
After I had sewn on the pockets, I put a pleat in the middle of the bag on both sides and then rolled down towards the front to give myself a blue trim.  Sew along the trim.
Sew the two sides together right sides together.  Clip the edges to make it easier to turn.  You should probably zig zag stitch or serge it, but I didn't.
I turned it inside out and sewed the straps on.  I made the straps too long, but they cover my messy seams!
If you have any questions, leave me your email add. and I will try to answer them!
So, I made a hat, cape and purse out of one queen size flat sheet and one valance for the sum of $1!  I still need to add navy blue pockets to my cape(and inside pockets for my gloves)and some sort of snap to my purse, but I like it!

Wanna see what I did at the zoo?
I rode a camel!  Please ignore my boots!
The camel also tried to eat my ruffle!  LOL  She was very friendly!

I petted a goat.
I tried to pet a giraffe.
And my husband fed the birds.  This bird was so funny because he kept trying to get in my husband's coat.  I saw him steal a nut out of one lady's purse!
Happy new year ya'll!


The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

oh how FABULOUS!!!!!! your creations are wonderful and the animals -- well each and everyone makes me smile and fills my heart with happiness!!!!! thank you for sharing! -- sending hugs -- your newest follower

Heather Rae said...

Thanks so much for linking up with Make-It-Yourself Monday! The hat just completes your outfit. Looks like a fun day at the zoo!

Mindie Hilton said...

Great job on the purse. Looks like a fun day. I would love for you to share your talents at Bacon Time's weekly anything goes linky fri-monday.

Pam @Threading My Way said...

All of this from one sheet... great job!!! The bag is a great shape and I love all the pockets!!!

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