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Friday, November 2, 2012

Feline Friday

I have had many people ask for an update on Midnight, the kitten that had been rescued here.  She was such a sweet baby!  I was at my friend's house the week before I went out town and snapped a couple of pictures.  She still likes to be fed from her bottle, even though she is four months old!

She was so sweet and cuddly and wanting to be held an petted by everyone.  Just adorable!
My friend, Ebbye, went out of town the day after I went out of town, but Chris offered to kitten-sit even though I was not there to help.  As you know, we have 6 cats.  Chris was at church and they put the carrier in the car and he did not see her until he got to the house.  He put her in the office so we could keep her separated from the other cats for a couple of days until they got used to each other.  It didn't quite work that way this time.
She thought Chris had kidnapped her!  She took up residence on his desk and would not let him near his desk the entire week!
You can see the mess she made on his desk, knocked everything down.  It was funny.  Anytime he tried to pet her, she scratched him.  I'm sure it didn't help that my cats kept going in there hissing at her.  He won her over with treats by the end of the week.  She would eat the treats out of his hand but would not let him pet her. One day he opened the door and she leaped off the desk, jumped across the room and attacked his bare foot!   He was bleeding everywhere. 
I got home on Saturday and she at first was hissing at me, she finally let me pet her a little, but would scratch me out of nowhere.  Chris started leaving the office door open Thursday night.

Well, we were trying to sleep in (8 am) on Sunday morning when at 5 am there was a ruckus on the bed, scared us half to death. Chris turned on the light and there was Midnight in attack mode on the bed hissing at everybody!  LOL  We had to get a toy (string on a stick)and lure her out of the bedroom with it so we could go back to sleep.  We couldn't pick her up.  That's how we got her in the carrier too.  He lured her in and pushed her from behind when she got far enough in!
FYI, the office is my husband's domain and he will not let me clean in there, he's afraid I'll lose something!
Ebbye had to go out of town again a week later, this time I was home to help out and we left the office door open the whole time.  She was like Dr. Jekyl and Miss Hyde.  One moment all cuddly and lovable and the next a little terror!
She loved sleeping on either the printer

 or the office chair.  We put diatamceus earth on her and my cats to kill the fleas.  And it is a great natural, safe way to kill the fleas.  Isn't she adorable, she was wanting to be loved on here.  I love her tabby belly!

One night, she took up residence with my sewing machines.  She would not let us walk pas her without attacking our feet, which meant we couldn't get in the bedroom.  Not a good picture, but that was the closest I could get.  Doesn't she look innocent there?
 I had to use a chicken nugget to get her out of there.  You can see her hissing at us in this photo.
 (The powder is diatamaceus earth, you can see the vacuum behind her, I was afraid of spooking her more) She calmed down a little as she was playing with the chicken nugget.
She paid another night visit to the bedroom one night.  I think she was surprised to find all the cats on the bed and she was hissing and my cats were hissing, it was funny.  She had been playing on the bed and we took her out before bed (via her toy again).
I called Ebbye on Halloween to make sure she kept Midnight in, black cats disappear on Halloween.  People snatch them and kill them.
I hope you enjoyed this post!


Denise :) said...

Oh my! Midnight can be quite ferocious, huh?! I kept waiting for her to lunge at the camera while you were filming her -- poor thing -- I guess she's very frightened! Cats crack me up. They have such LARGE personalities! :)

Sarah said...

Midnight must really like to just be at home. I'm sure she was terrified to be dropped into someone else's house, no matter how much that someone wanted to make her feel at home.

Thanks for brining Midnight to Feline Friday!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

What a time you all had- Midnight too! It's always hard to socialize cats that are not used to each other. I'll bet she'd fit right in given enough time. Maybe you'll have to baby sit her at her own home next time. I will say I enjoyed the post even if there was a little bloodshed involved. Cats- gotta love em. LOL!

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