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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Design Wall Monday

I've started quilting the pinwheels quilt.
I've gotten a quarter of it done.  There are 9 rows by 10 rows and I started in the middle and am working my way to the edge on one side only and then moving to the next one down.
I am making loopy loops.  I am still new to free motion quilting, but it is better than my last quilt, but still needs a lot of improvement since this is only my second quilt to FMQ!
I am using off white thread on the front and light pink in the bobbin for the back.  I'm not sure how well you can see it.
I bought some quilting gloves and love them!
When I did FMQ on my other quilt I had a hard time gripping the quilt to move it around, but these gloves have these grippers on them to grip the quilt!  I got them half off at Joann's.

I plan on finishing this quilt and getting it in the mail by Saturday at the latest!

I have also finished 21 scrappy trip along blocks.  I have 34 blocks I have strip pieced ready for the next step.
I have four waiting to be assembled.
That makes 59 blocks so far.  I have decided that I do not want to make 100 blocks!  I think I need 86 - 12 1/2 inch blocks for my king size quilt.  Please correct my math if I am wrong.   I figure if it is not big enough then I'll just add a border to it!  Much faster!

What are you working on this week?

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Rhonda said...

You have been very busy. Thanks for mentioning the gloves. I've heard that they really work and am thinking about trying a pair.

Anonymous said...

FMQ on my little machine cannot be done without gloves. I have a long arm and I remind my customers that I can't quilt a king that the top is bigger than 110 inches. King batting is 110x110 so I don't recommend the quilt top to be bigger than 100 inches square because the bigger the quilt the less chance it is perfectly square. I figure your quilt would be in a 9x9 (81) arrangement of 12 inch blocks so it would be about 108 inches. Good luck, a quilt that big is really a challenge but sooooo worth it!!

Christine said...

You're so productive! I've considered getting gloves...maybe I'll do it one of these days!

Unknown said...

Looks wonderful! I, too, am new to FMQ. Having bought the gloves as well I admit they make it so much easier. Looking forward to seeing the finished project!

Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

Lots of pretty blocks! I have gotten to the point that I can't fmq without the gloves!

retrorevival.biz said...

Such beautiful colors, Missy! Your gloves too:)

Frances Meredith said...

Your gloves have seemed to ease the pain of FMQ, I will look out for a pair

Lori said...

I am thinking about starting a new project--a small star wallhanging.

I chuckled about the size of your quilt--I can put a 120" quilt on my long arm--just barely! And if its that big I will have to piece batting--the largest size is 120x120". So I aim for the biggest to be 114x114"--you need that much for the backing and batting to "suck up" when you quilt it.

They are hard to handle--and remember not to get trapped under one while you're in bed (VBG) but I love a big quilt too.

Lyndsey said...

I love your pin wheel quilt. The gloves certainly make FMQ easier and less tiring.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Sounds like you are having fun quilting this time with your new gloves! Great group of blocks too!
Thanks for sharing.
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