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Friday, March 1, 2013

Feline Friday

Good morning (or evening or whenever you happen to be reading this).  This will just be short post today.  I have some cute pictures today to share.
Here's Pippi hamming it up.
She likes to sleep with her tongue sticking out and when she stretches, she stretches her tongue out too!

I thought I would fold my quilt up for easy access under my desk, Squeeky though it was a great idea!
So far I have seen all but one of my cats sleeping under there!  Precious claimed it this time.

 Squeeky found another quilt to sit on, she likes this spot because it is right next to where I sew.

I was reading an old article in a magazine called Kiwi.  As most of ya'll probably know by now, I try to treat things naturally and I love essential oils.  There are two essential oils that could be poisonous to your pets.  They are okay in the small concentrated form that might come in all natural pet shampoos, but do not use them alone on your pet.
Tea tree oil, I use it for myself a lot!  It is anti-fungal and antiseptic.  I'll use it in homemade shampoo or to clear up acne or any kind of rash.  It can make your pet very sick, so never use it on your pet.
Pennyroyal oil can poison your pets, so keep it away from your pets.  I'm not sure what other uses it has because I've never used it before.  Call your poison control center if your pet gets into it.
The natural, sugar free sweetener, xylitol, often found in chewing gum and vitamins is also toxic to your pets.

Just thought I would share that with you!
Have a furry friday, and a wonderful weekend!


Sarah said...

Pippi's first photo is my favorite - I love bellies! And as Janet commented on FF - we definitly have a Cat On The mat theme going today. I think cats are just drawn to quilts!

Denise :) said...

Precious looks quite comfortable (well, they all do, actually) and Squeeky, with her big, wide eyes, always looks a bit startled!! Isn't it interesting how an essential oil that's so helpful to one species, can be so deadly to another? :)

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Abbie missed the "mat" today she is so big, but we are going to make one...together, I do the work and she direct's, right?

:0 Carolyn

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