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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ironing Board Cover

 I needed a cover for my TV tray, I have a portable ironing mat, but I wanted something that fits my TV tray better.  I used material left over from my sewing caddy and just sewed them together quickly rather than doing a cute patch work.  I could not find a tutorial on how to make one with elastic, but did not want to make one with a staple gun because I wanted to be able to wash it.  So I just kind of figured it out on my own, next time it will look nicer and go quicker.

I used two old towels rather than batting, it's a lot cheaper!  First of all, make sure you round your corners or it will be very hard to get the elastic around and the corners will stick out funny when you are done.  Be sure your towels are the same size as either the top of your board with no over hang or that it is the same size as your material.

Give yourself an extra three to four inches overhang for the elastic casing and to be able to fit securely underneath.  

There you have it, I love to keep it next to where I am piecing  so I can iron as I piece.  It is also handy for taking with you for sewing days and quilt retreats.  I am going to a quilt retreat this weekend, my first ever!

On another note, my iron died!  I bought it back in 2000 at Sears, it's a Kenmore.  I can not tell you how many times I have dropped that thing, I never cleaned it - yet it lasted me for 13 years!  I got it pretty cheap too, it was on clearance, I used a coupon and my employee discount.  All of this to tell you I had to buy a new iron.  We went to Bed Bath and Beyond.  I was fine with choosing the cheapest iron but my husband insisted on getting a Rowenta.  He liked the retractable chord and I had told him that it is a popular iron with quilters.  I don't like it though!  I do not like that the plate does not extend all of the way down and it is very heavy.  He insists I will get used to it, but I don't know.  What do you think or Rowentas?

What do you like to iron on and iron with?

Also, I was wondering if someone else has trouble seeing some pictures on some blogs?  Every once in a while a picture will be messed up on other people's blogs and I was wondering if it was just my computer or if other people were having the same problem?

Have a great day ya'll!

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Kim said...

Love your ironing board cover. I used to have those trays. Wish I had kept one.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Love your TV tray cover. I just stapled mine, but wish I had done what you did. I love that idea of being able to slip it on or off. Maybe next time.

Laura Jean said...

What a wonderful idea! I even have an extra TV tray to use. Thank you so much Missy. *happy dancin* I have a Rowenta, and it's ok, but now I wish I had gotten one that didn't have the auto turn off. Have a great day.

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

Aren't you clever to use a TV tray as a "Mobile ironing table"! I have a small portable ironing board with a cutting mat on one side but I don't use the cutting mat anymore because it got too messed up. Love your idea! I bought my iron at a discount outlet for next to nothing and it has been fine.....I haven't had any problems with loading photos on your page....

Anonymous said...

Great cover! I used to have a cradle sheet pattern that had you cut out a square on the corners based on the depth of the mattress, sew the corners up, and then zig-zag elastic just around the corner sections. I want to say it was a 4" piece of elastic that you stretched as you sewed but it might have been a 6" piece. The pattern was in a Nancy's Notions catalog which I have since misplaced. It worked great though, and I made several flannel sheets from that pattern.

I have a Rowenta and love it. The heavier iron will give you better results when pressing. I do not put water in mine though because that's supposed to make irons leak after a while. Use a spray bottle instead.

mtsuz said...

I love my Rowenta!!! I have had it since 1996 and the last time it was dropped it suffered substantial damage but is still working. They do not make them this heavy anymore at least not that I can find. I like the heaviness as it makes ironing go that much quicker because the weight takes out the wrinkles better.

Suzanne Rowe

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