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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August Goals

I am going to have to keep this month simple!  I need to make a trip to Missouri to find a house to live in (Anyone know of any rentals in the Theodosia/Ava area?), and I need to get busy about packing!  We are moving in two months!

My first goal this month is to get my great granny square quilt quilted, hopefully by August 9!  We'll see if that happens!  I started on it Monday and have a few flowers done.  I am quilting it on my new Singer 16 industrial treadle!

 It is my third quilt to do FMQ on, the other two were stippling and small quilts.  With all of the Gerber daisies, I was going to outline the daisies in the sashing, that was hard, so instead I am going to do a free form outline!
Not great, but it is a start and I think my niece will like it!    I saw a sort of stipple with small flowers in it that I am thinking of doing in the blocks of the great granny squares.  I'm using a light pink thinking it would blend the best.
I have lots of helpers.  Aren't quilts for sleeping?

 It is very hard to move a quilt with a cat sitting on it!

And if I get up I lose my seat!
My second goal is to finish all 80 of my pinwheels on my sailboat quilt.
 I'm afraid the quilt will not be finished before the baby comes, I really should have done a plain sashing so I could have finished it quicker, but then what would I do with all of the pinwheels?  If I went that route I could finish this quilt this month!  What would you do?  The baby is due August 12.

To summarize, my goals are 1. finish Great Granny Square quilt for my niece's Christmas present and 2.  finish the pinwheels, unless I change my mind, then my goal will be to just finish the sashing on the sailboats!

What are your goals for this month?



Pam said...

Hope you finish your pinwheels and then you can work of granny square quilt. Love the colors of the quilt.

GardenOfDaisies said...

Quilts take time. Go ahead and finish it the way you want to. The baby won't know the difference if it's done on it's birthday, or a month later.
Your cats are so cute! They know the best place to sleep in the house!
I do not know anyone in Theodosia, but we do have some bloggers in the Springfield/Branson area... that's the nearest city to where you are going. Talk to Twyla at "Two Crazy Crafters" (you'll find her blog on my sidebar) She may know someone that deals with rural properties.

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Fabulous colors on the quilts! You have too many helpers. I so hate moving. Like the goals sometimes it is good to just pare them back a wee bit when we know that it is going to be really hectic.

donna said...

Missy your quilt is so pretty. Love the way you quilted the dasies. I love love pin wheels and think if that was your vision it is ok if the quilt is a little late. It is being made with love and it will be worth it. Your kitties make me laugh. They are so silly. I think that they think that is there's. LOL

LV said...

I dearly love all quilts, old or new. This is very pretty design you are working on. I do not quilt to, but have a lot of respect for those that do.

Anonymous said...

you are moving to my part of the world......the Ozarks. i hope you enjoy it. your machine quilting amazes me. I've tried it and i know how hard it is. i enjoy your blog...


Your nappers need to help

Frances Meredith said...

Good luck with finding a house, finishing your August goals, and helping ALL your cats to help with the quilt!

Little Penpen said...

There was something about seeing those bright modern colors on an antique sewing machine that made my heart leap! Love the photo's... pretty quilt!

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