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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Treadling Away!

 I should have been done with this table runner by now, however I have spent the past week unpickicking my stitches because I hated the way the inside of the leaves turned out.   I tried quilting veins in the leaves, but with the shape of the leaves, I did not like it..  I decided to just do a freestyle outline inside the leaves.  I love listening to the clickety clack of the treadle.  My industrial was born in 1891, she is 125 years old!

 I've also been playing with my nails again.  My husband always makes fun of me when I do my nails.  I probably should not be taking pictures of my nails at church.  My legs get cold at church and I keep my lap quilt on my pew to cover up with.
Do you have a vintage machine you like to use?



Kevin the Quilter said...

I piece almost exclusively on my grandmother's Spartan sewing machine she taught me to sew on. Of course when I am flying, I use my Singer Featherweight.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I only sew on vintage. I have 301s, 401s, a Spartan, a 221, a potted motor 15 and my Tiffany treadle. Sometimes, I use them all in one day depending on what I am working on. The straight stitches are superior on these to current plastic machines.

Unknown said...

Hi Missy. Yes, I have a vintage machine that I like to use. Actually, I have several of them, and lean more towards people-powered machines these days. I mend denim jeans for the public on my favorite, a 1950s Singer 319W zigzag machine operated by treadle. I do mending and repairs on a variety of hand crank and treadle machines, including heavy duty sewing, and my most recent find is a 1917 Singer 16-41 industrial walking foot machine that I’m operating by treadle. I’ve been having fun getting to know it. My wife and I have a 1936 Singer 96-40 industrial machine that is set up as a darning machine. I enjoyed your video on your industrial machine. I just recently found a suitable industrial treadle stand to put it in, and now the wife and I need to find time to play with it. She currently does her FMQ on a 1956 Singer 301A that she loves, so it may be tough to pull her away from it to learn the treadle. I want to try FME on the 96-40.

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