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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sew Sweet Sewing Spaces

When we moved, I was so excited to have my own sewing room!  The only thing is that when my husband is off in the evenings, we like to be in the same room.  I always have either a treadle or hand crank sewing machine set up in my living room.  Does it cause a mess in the living room?  Yes.  Do I care? Nope, it is easy to clean up when I am expecting someone, and if someone drops in, they can't expect a clean house.

 I have my Singer 66 with lotus decals set up right now.  She sews like a dream.

With the longer strips and chain stitching of putting the top together, a treadle works better than a hand-crank.   I had to put TV trays to catch my blocks as I sewed.

I still use my sewing room, we can only get CBS in that room for some reason, so we spend Tuesdays in the sewing room watching NCIS and I get a lot done on Tuesdays!
Do you have a machine set up in your living room too?



hared said...

Missy, you are not alone! I like to treadle in the living room in the evenings, watching TV with hubby, just like you. I have a Singer 66 Red Eye set up, she sews so quiet and smooth.

Gina in Missouri

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I have a DVD and Video player in my sewing room, but, no cable. I don't set up a machine on Mondays (DWTS) or Tues (NCIS, etc). I just take something to do by hand (cutting Triangulations, pinning, hand work). I really need to get some machine quilting done, but, I need to use my Janome (too thick for the treadle), so, that means I need to set up on the dining room table, and I just don't want to sew there. No room for a treadle in my sewing room (too much stuff already in there).

Linda Swanekamp said...

Missy, I have a technical question. I am restoring a Lotus 66 for someone that I rescued. It it all together, but the stitch regulator knob is extremely hard to turn. I oiled it and moved it with a pliers. How far does the hand screw move away from the machine for the last adjustment? It moves all the way in, right? And then how far back away? Thanks. My Tiffany 15 has a whole different smaller screw.

Kay said...

Hi, Missy. Love seeing your Lotus! I have at least one treadle in every room. My husband doesn't mind. In fact he's my enabler. They are my therapy.

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