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Friday, April 14, 2017

Feline Friday

I got a new cat!  She is zero maintenance!  I got her off the raffle table last week.
 I love her face!  I stuck one of the cat's toys in her paws, and one of my cats took it away from her.  LOL  Excuse my floor, I can't sweep until my finger is healed.
These two are so predictable.  When it is time for me to get up, Muffin curls up next to me and practically pushes me out of the bed so he can have my warm spot.  Hence, my bed never gets made.  It does not take long for Pippi to curl up to him and go to sleep.
 I put a towel over my cutting board to clean this machine.  Cupcake decided it was a great place to sleep however.
 You can tell Oreo is sleeping on my sewing room floor because of all of the fabric scraps.
 Cupcake loves my bag that I use when I pack.  Maybe I could also use it as a cat bag?
 She was begging for belly rubs while we were doing school, goofy, fat cat.
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Deborah said...

They are all so cute, especially the blue one! HA!

Sarah said...

Too funny the furkids took the toy from the new kid! If Cupcake likes that clear bag it's worth testing it as a cat carrier. Mine always look out the gate or side slots so your clear bag would offer great views.

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