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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Raffle Quilt

Every year at the NE TX TOGA, they have a raffle quilt to help pay for the retreat center.  The quilt is always pieced and quilted on either a handcrank sewing machine or a treadle.  The Cranky Treadlers is a quilting group in that area who only uses hand cranks and treadles. This amazing group puts on the TOGA and makes the raffle quilt.
I took close ups of the free motion quilting which was done on a treadle.  Some people seem to think working on a treadle is slower.  It is not, just depends on the person.  I know that I am just as slow on my electric as I am on my treadle.  I can't remember who they said did the quilting, I'm sorry.
 I love the flowers!

 I love the feathers also!

I want to give you my opinion on raffles.  I do not gamble because the Bible says to have a good stewardship of money.  A raffle like this, which is raising money, is not gambling.  They do not charge or ask donations for the TOGA, instead they have the raffle to raise money for the use of the facilities and to pay for our BBQ dinner on Saturday.  They also use the money to pay for making the quilt.

I would like to thank the Cranky Treadlers for such a well organized TOGA and a beautiful quilt!



Sarah said...

A lovely quilt!! The quilting is amazing

Cindy A. said...

What a lovely quilt! Can folks not going to the retreat get tickets? I wouldn't mind having the opportunity to own a completely treadle-made quilt.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I'm working on the raffle quilt for my family reunion. It is also the way that we pay for the reunion, so that we don't have to ask for $$ and everyone can come. We have our own raffle table, but, last time we had a silent auction, instead of the other kind of auction. Most people donate items, and, everyone can bid. Fun for everyone, and no one feels pressured. I'm collecting items now for the next 2 TOGA's that I'll be attending this summer.

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