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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Apron Exhibit at the Cowgirl Museum in Ft. Worth

I was so excited to share the pictures I took at the Apron Chronicles Exhibit at the Cowgirl Museum in Ft. Worth.  A couple of days ago I spent almost 30 minutes editing my pictures before I transferred the pictures to my folder so I could write this post and share my pictures.  Before I transferred my pictures, the program got stuck!  I cannot open it back up, it says that it is "open" somewhere, but neither my husband nor I can find it.  I have lost all of my pictures that I had not transferred yet.  I am very sad.
Let me tell you about the exhibit.  EllenAnne Giesel put together the exhibit with a lot of aprons.  They are hanging from the ceiling and on the walls.  She has "apron memories" on the wall with pictures of people wearing aprons.  There is even a "closet" full of aprons you can dig through and try on.  I really enjoyed the exhibit, if I am able to ever retrieve my pictures, I will post them for you.
You can also get her book The Apron Book EllenAnne Geisel.  It is a great book with lots of pictures, "apron memories" and tutorials.
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Niki said...

HI Missy! Just saw your introduce me post on Blog Frog and had to come check you out. I hope you figure out what happened to your pics so you can share them with us. :) Very cute blog! You'll have to check out mine, too! XOXO

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