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Friday, March 18, 2011

Apron Swap Partner

Here is the apron I made for my apron swap partner.  I love this material, it's kind of hard to see with the sun shining in the background.  I made a ruffle across the top and on top of the pocket.  I also made a matching ring pin cushion, I hope she likes it!

I still haven't made me one!  I'll show you the apron she sends me when I get it, she lives in Canada, so it will be a couple of weeks probably.
 Check out Penny's blog here, she's a great seamstress:   http://handssewfull.blogspot.com/
 What have you sewn lately?


retrorevival.biz said...

What a pretty apron! You're like the shoe maker ~ hahaha! Hope you'll make one for yourself:)

Hands Sew Full said...

Hi Missy, I just popped over for a visit and found this apron! It looks so beautiful! I can't wait for it to arrive! It looks like my favourite colours too! Thanks for the compliment!

Anonymous said...

Lovely apron! Reminds me of the old days in grandma's kitchen. I saw the apron you got from Canada through your swap. Its very pretty also. By the by, Canada is spelled Canada, not Cananda. You might want to correct that little error. : )

Missy said...

Yes, I know how to spell Canada, just accidently hit too many letters!
Thank you!

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