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Thursday, September 1, 2011

A new book for you!

I wanted to share a book my Pastor wrote, my husband helped to put it in book format. This is a great book on the history of the King James Bible, be sure to order a copy for yourself!

"The Word, God Will Keep It: The 400 year History of the King James Bible Only Movement."
By Joey Faust

17 chapters. 335 pages.
Did you know that “King James Onlyism” has been the most popular view among Christians for the past 400 years?
This book, filled with hundreds of quotes, takes you on a detailed journey through the past four centuries to behold the vast number of Christians that believed the King James Bible is the infallible, preserved Word of God! Many of these early Christians also warned future generations of the terrible consequences that would arise as a result of forsaking this Holy Bible – consequences that our age has seen come to pass. This book also exposes a web of occultists and false teachers – outside – as well as inside, Christian churches – that have worked to overthrow the faith of multitudes in the King James Bible.

Some of the chapter titles include:
“Conditioning for a One-World Church”
“The Originals-Only Scheme”
“The Necromancy of Westcott and Hort”
“Heretics Behind the ASV”

Order online from http://www.fundamentalbooks.com/

Or send $16.00 to:
Fundamental Books
700 Cordes Dr.
Venus, TX 76084

If you want to know the truth, then this is the book you should have!

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