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Monday, December 12, 2016

How to Backstitch on a Treadle Sewing Machine

I have often been asked how to backstitch on a machine that does not have reverse.  It is actually pretty easy when you think about it.  Of course there are many different ways to do it.
Scented with essential oils, cinnamon, clove, and orange.  

I was making gingerbread men on my hand crank sewing machine and needed to lock my stitch, so I made a video for you!

I hope this helps anyone who has had a question about it!



Sarah said...

Hah! That's not what I was expecting the answer to be but it makes perfect sense. That would also be the time when I would miss my Bernina knee lever to lift the presser foot most.

TheEclecticAbuela said...

Thank you! Happy Holidays.

Kim said...

Those gingerbread men are so cute!

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