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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Plastic canvas Crosses

Before I learned how to sew I did plastic canvas and really enjoyed it!  My homemaker's club is making crosses to raise money for our club.  We like to donate the money to Meals on Wheels, the food pantry, and I am going blank on the other charity we donate to.  We met last week and Elnora taught us how to make the crosses, some of us had done it before but it was brand new for some of our members.  It was a lot of fun but of course we had food too!

This is mine, it is one of the middle parts.

Miss Norma

Tena (she is on Instagram as timeless.retro)

Linda and Garnet concentrating!

Elnors, our teacher for the day

selfies with me and Tena

 I love this idea.  She holds the pattern onto the plastic with q-tips!
Have you worked with plastic canvas before?  I had forgotten about some kits I had for Christmas.  I need to get started on those!



Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Two of the ladies in my little quilt guild have done lots of projects with canvas. One of them taught us how to make scissors holder with plastic canvas. I have them in 2 sizes (full size and school scissor size).

kate steeper said...

What i thought was pretty drawer lining turned out to be a huge bag of perforated card that i bought at an auction 20 years ago , now ive got to decide what to do with it ..lol ...very Victorian tracts is an idea ,,it was the predecessor of plastic

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