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Monday, November 7, 2011

First Turkey Dinner

This is my husband, Chris and I, in 1995 cooking our first meal for our families, the day before our wedding.  I had already moved into our duplex and was getting it ready for Chris to move in after our wedding.  We were so skinny and young back then!
I was just thinking about the first turkey my husband and I cooked.  We were young and had never cooked a turkey before.  One of my older friends had told me to be sure to get the giblets out.  I have never liked dealing with raw meat (did I mention I didn't know how to cook when I got married?), the smell and texture and thought of touching a dead animal just really grossed me out.  I didn't mind eating it already cooked, I just didn't want to touch it!  But you gotta do what you gotta do and I forced myself to cook raw meat so that we could have something to eat.  (I know kind of childish, but I still get grossed out sometimes.)  :)

This is my mom on the right, and Chris's mom on the left.
Back to the turkey.  I told my husband he needed to pull the giblets.  He said no way he was going to stick in his hand inside the turkey and I needed to pull it out.  Mind you, neither one of us knew what to expect when we stuck our hand in there.  This went on for 30 minutes pushing the turkey back and forth.  Of course he proved to be the more stubborn one and I had to stick my hand in there and pull it out.  I pulled the bag of giblets out and threw them away.  Then my husband told me I better make sure nothing else was in there and when I pulled out the neck, I freaked out so bad I dropped the whole thing on the floor!  We washed the turkey again and cooked a delicious, moist turkey.  It was so worth the experience.  My secret for my turkey is using an oven roasting bag.  You can buy them at your local store where the aluminum foil and plastic wrap is.  You don't have to baste and it does not have to cook as long.  I surprised my aunt with how easy this was.  I also use a whole stick of butter, sage and garlic and stick a whole onion in the cavity.  And of course salt.  Pretty simple, but sometimes that is the best kind!  Do you have any turkey tips to share?  What is your funniest cooking experience?

Always lick the spoon.  Did I mention this was also a turkey dinner?  Chris and Zeke had to go buy me a roasting pan to cook the turkey in and I am still using that same roasting pan today to cook my turkeys in!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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