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Monday, January 14, 2013

Design Wall Monday

 This week I need to work on my granny squares since I want my top to be finished by the end of January.
I worked on my scrappy trip along just a little bit this weekend.  My goal was to have four finished to show you on this post.  Quilting calms me and I was upset about something last night, so I pulled out my hand crank and was working on my Scrappy Trips while I listened to a sermon online.  I felt better afterwards, but my block did not turn out right, luckily I caught it before I had sewn more of it.  I love to use trays, it makes it easy to transport my block from the cutting table to the sewing machine.
 This one did not fare as well, I'm not exactly sure what I did wrong, but I'll have to figure it out.  My seam ripper is waiting on me to fix it.
 These ones I had finished Saturday night, so they are fine!  LOL  Can you see they are starting to get scrappy now?  I only had 5-10 strips of most of my fabric.  I'm trying to keep the strips in order as far as the colors go.  My orange is all the orange I have, so that row will probably be replaced with brown.  The purple row is some purple and some pink.  I don't think I have enough yellow for the entire quilt, I wish I did, I went yellows through that whole row, we'll see what happens.  The neutrals are easy, I have a lot of creams and whites, but they all look different.  I only had five strips of the birdhouses leftover from a previous quilt.  I have lots of turquoise for the turquoise strip though.  My only constant is the royal blue that will be running though the middle of all of the blocks.  I had 50 strips of that (I need 81 blocks) and a lot of other blues to fill in with.  It will get a lot scrappier as I go along!
I had planned on making a denim rag quilt for my Uncle Glenn for Christmas.  I learned last night that he was pretty sick and his COPD was really scaring him.  I decided I need to go ahead and make his quilt and send it to him.  I pulled out my box of denim and my box of flannel so I can get started on it.  All of the denim is washed, but I'll need to wash the flannel.
It should not take me long to finish since I won't be adding batting and I don't need to quilt it.
But first, I'll have to fix those blocks or they will be driving me crazy!
Have a great day ya'll!

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Rhonda said...

Oh boy Granny Squares....love them, love yours. Great job on all your projects!!

"Oh taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him." Psalm 34:8