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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm home again!

I am so tired of going out of town!  I have never gone out of town so much before in my life.Since April, I have gone out of town eight times!  I'm ready to stay at home and rest for a while.  I won't have to go out of town again until April for the North East Texas TOGA (a quilting retreat for people powered sewing machines!)
I forgot to take any quilting with me when I went to Lubbock for my uncle's funeral, nobody expected it to take nine days to bury my uncle!  My brother in law had bought a motor home, and since I needed to sew something I offered to make new curtains for it.  What a sewing machine drama that turned out to be!  Since I was not at home, I had to borrow a sewing machine.  Saturday, my mom, my niece, (Johnna who is seven), and I went to Joann's for material.  We needed ten yards, and of course that can get expensive, I really wanted to use Route 66 material, but after adding lining it would have been too expensive.
We found four yards of this floral material on clearance for $2.50 a yard!  We found the striped material to match and bought the last of it off the bolt, 5 1/8 of a yard, after cutting out all of the curtains, I had just enough material!
I forgot to take pictures of the rest of them, I added the stripe to the inside to make it wide enough.  I'm not sure what rods he will be using so my mom has to sew the loops on the top.  I got everything cut out and pieces sewn together.  I was not able to finish them, but the only thing my mom needs to do is sew the hems on the curtains.
I had to cut the material using scissors, a collapsible yard stick and a crayon!  LOL  How I wish I had my rotary cutter with me!
Here's the drama part of this:  I wanted to iron the curtains on Saturday while I was babysitting Johnna, my sister was working and her dad was at a meeting - but I could not find the iron anywhere!
John gave me the iron when he got home.
My sister had to go to work after church on Sunday, so I figured I would iron the material then, the steamer was not working and I could not get the wrinkles out, so I had to wait until my sister got home from work and brought me starch.  I finally got all the material ironed, and started cutting out the curtains on Monday.  Tuesday I wanted to sew the curtains.  My mom's bobbin winder did not work on her machine!  (Stupid cheap Brother!)  I used what little bit of thread was left on the bobbin to start sewing the curtains for Johnna's room.  She found some material she wanted, and since it was only $2.50 a yard I bought it for her (actually her dad paid for it).  I asked my mom if Aunt Ginny had a machine we could borrow, she did, but  they did not give it to me until Wednesday evening!  I finished Johnna's curtains Wednesday night.  They matched her pink sparkly curtains perfect!
The funeral was Thursday and my sister had the day off, so I only finished the two biggest sets of curtains, I had to piece the front divider curtain, and I finished that except for the hemming.  I left Friday, oh did I mention I was as sick as a dog the entire time I was there? I even got laryngitis!  I have done a lot of sleeping since I got home and feel a lot better now.  I hope my  mom finishes the curtains for me after all of the trouble I went to!
I really wish I had been able to sew the whole time, it relaxes me.  I had to take the bus, next time I hope I can drive and I'll pack my sewing machine and material up with me!
Since I've been home I've been working on my Scrappy trip alongs, slow process since I've been sleeping so much.  I'll give a better update later!


mom said...

yes I'm going to finish them

tales from a handmade home said...

Hope you're feeling better today, it's true what they say, 'there's no place like home'.......especially when it's where you keep all your sewing supplies.

Samantha said...

Hope you're feeling much better soon x

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I am glad you found a machine but hope you are feeling better.

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