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Monday, August 5, 2013

FMQ on a Treadle

This week on my Design Wall is still my Great Granny Square quilt, although it is really on my machine not my wall!  LOL
I am really enjoying doing my free motion quilting on my Singer 16 Treadle.  She is 123 years old!  This is my third quilt to FMQ, the other two were just stippling, so I am still learning.  I'm enjoying all of the extra head space I have on this Industrial machine, it is a lot bigger than my Janome.
I was told to set my stitch length to zero and that has helped a lot with not having big stitches.  I was also told to loosen my top tension which has also helped a lot.
After spending three days unstitching 18 flowers last week because of my puckers on the back, it is going pretty well now.
I am doing a free form around the daisies.  So far I have only been doing the daisies across the sashing.
Next I will go back and do the daisies in the sashing going up and down.

I am using a light pink thread.
I keep moving the cats off my quilt.  Last night I had a good rythm going when the treadle just stopped even though I was still treadling.  I looked over and my other kitten, Cupcake, had pulled the belt off the wheel!  Crazy cat!  This morning they knocked the spool of thread off and it was tangled all through the legs, and all around Custard, my other kitten.
I had my husband record me doing FMQ on my treadle.  Remember, I'm not an expert at FMQ, but I do appreciate any hints you might want to offer!  I love the click clacking sound the treadle makes!

Oh, and today is my 18th Anniversary!  I need to make my husband an Angel Food Cake, but to be honest, I'm so busy right now I am going to use a mix!  I need this quilt finished by Friday!
Have a great day ya'll!



Pat in Rockport, TX said...

I'm so glad you like the machine. She's not just another pretty face, LOL.

Michelle said...

I haven't even figured out how to sew a straight stitch on my own treadle yet, but free-motioning on one sounds just plain fun!

Little Penpen said...

You are totally awesome! I wonder if the old timers did free motion on their treadle machines? Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

What a beautiful wedding dress! Happy Anniversary.

donna said...

That is the neatest thing ever. You really having the machine going and your quilting looks great.
Happy Anniversary my dear.

donna said...

That is the neatest thing ever. You really having the machine going and your quilting looks great.
Happy Anniversary my dear.

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Very nice video. Thanks for doing it. Happy Anniversary!

Carolyn Sullivan said...

Happy Anniversary. I was junk store shopping today. I saw a treadle, but no machine! there was a drawer missing too. I left it. it was very reasonible. $20.00

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Happy Anniversary and I actually got to watch your video! How neat to see you quilting with this machine! Thanks for sharing.
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LV said...

I noticed I am not the only one that enjoys quilts. Smart kitty.

Adventurous Quilter said...

Wow being able to FMQ on a treadle is amazing! I have a treadle but haven't gotten around to getting it in working order, it needs a drive belt.

Lorna McMahon said...

Thanks, Missy! Glad to see you stopped in again for a visit. I do appreciate your lovely comments. And would have replied to all of them by email, but you are a no reply blogger. So I had to track you down and reply by commenting on your blog. I can't believe that you are free motion quilting on a treadle machine! You go, girl! By the way... that pink floral quilt you are working on is sew-Weet! Thanks for sharing the video!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...


Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary! I have to ask, is sewing with a treadle exhausting? Also, what kind of gloves are those? I love watching you quilt!

scrappy101 said...

Enjoyed the video! How and where did you get the attachment to FMQ? Did you drop the feed dogs? Would like to see more of this. Have a treadle and would like to explore this possibility. Thanks for sharing.
Enjoy you Blog.

Sarah said...

Do you find it hard to go in circles for the FMQ and up/down with your feet for the treadle? Gotta watch out for those kittens - they sure know how to have fun LOL!

Heidi said...

Happy Anniversary!!
I love the idea of a treadle machine but haven't been brave enough to buy one yet. You are an inspiration :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Missy...THANK YOU!! I love this video...so INSPIRING...I have to try this! I REALLY WANT an Industrial like yours now!!

So.. questions...what type bobbin is in your industrial machine? Where did you find the foot you are using...is is a darning foot? Where did you find one to fit a treadle machine? :) SOOO excited...


Kevin the Quilter said...

This is pretty dog gone impressive! Congrats!

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