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Thursday, July 13, 2017

New Purse

I finally have a finish!  We had a sewing day and Ellen helped us make this purse last Saturday.  The pattern is Candice by Lazy Girl Designs.   A friend had given me a $15 gift card for Joann's, all I had to buy was the typewriter fabric and the pellon foam.  Everything else was in my stash.  So I spent $3 plus $2 for the big zipper at my LQS, Dogwood Quilting, and $2 for grey thread.
Ellen, on the left, was our teacher helping us make our purses.  Pat, on the right, made the pretty purse below.  I can't wait to see the finished purse tonight at quilt guild.  She used a heavy home deco fabric.
I didn't finish mine.  The inside of mine is pink.  I made my first inside pocket.

 I forgot to put interfacing on the linings, so my zipper was wonky.  Ellen is my neighbor and she made me redo the lining on Monday, LOL.

We used Pellon fusible foam to make it stiff.  I needed heavy interfacing for my pockets only to find out what I  had in my stash was not fusible.  I pulled out the glue stick!
I went to Ellen's house Wednesday morning and Tuesday morning to finish my purse.  When I left yesterday, I had just a few things left, like top stitching the edge and adding the finished handles.  I had to put my machine at the edge fo the table to do the top stitching.
I wish I had made the pockets lie flat.  I thought I would give them room for more stuff, but it just made too much bulk inside.  It's a learning process.
Here is the back of my purse.
This purse is the perfect size for me to carry my agenda and when I get one, my tablet.  Making it a lot easier to carry business supplies when I do a Pampered Chef party for one of my hosts.  I am really happy with it!  My husband even said "that looks like a professional purse!"  The front is a pocket!

Have you made this pattern?  I know Ellen said that she had changed some of the directions because she has made a lot of these purses for all of her relatives.



Kim said...

Your purse looks fantastic! Well done:)

Deborah said...

That's a really nice purse. I really like the pink pockets inside.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Nice purse. I like the typewriter fabric.

KaHolly said...

Loving that bag! It really does look professional! Good job sticking to it!

Little Penpen said...

Pretty! I love the typewriter fabric.

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