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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Car Cake and Stockyards Pictures

Well, I had a bit of a challenge last week! I had an order for my first sculpted car cake! I had no idea how to do one so I found some tutorials (See last week's post). This is how it turned out. Next time I will make myself a checklist of details I want to add to make sure I don't forget anything!

This will be a quick tutorial since I I don't have much time.  I baked 2 9x13 cakes and a square I think 7 in cake.  Next time I will just do one 9x13 since my filling smooshed out through my fondant while I was decorating and I burned one of the 9x13s since it was so small.  I made two cake recipes.  I blew up a picture of the car to help me guide my shape while cutting.
I trimmed just a little at a time and rounded the edges.  Did you notice my new vintage apron I'm wearing?  I got it at a thrift shop for a $1!  I always wear a bandanna over my hair to keep hair out of my food, also since it is so long I will also braid it or put it in a bun since hair can fall out of pony tails!  Do you like my huge knife?  It was a gift from my DH years ago!

I had a lot of scraps left over after carving.  I lightly frosted my cake and took extra frosting with me since my friends don't like the fondant it was peeled off before eating and then more frosting applied.

I rolled out my fondant and put it on the car.  I smoothed it down with a fondant smoother.  For the windows I marbled some gray and black fondant.  I put a black strip on the back of the car since that is the way the pictures looked.  I also indented the lines for the trunk, hood, lights (they were closed), and doors.

I outlined the wheel area and pushed it in with my fingers and put round, black tires there.  Next time I will put spokes on the wheel.  On the front I put brake lights and a place for his license plate.  I made a bumper and tail lights for the back.  I forgot to make the door handles!  uggh!  Next time I will outline all the windows with black fondant too.  I made another cake for serving also.  Since I had carved so much off the cake I ended up having to bake an extra cake at 11:00.  I was up until after 1 am decorating this cake and then had church the next morning.  I also made rear view mirrors that I stuck in with toothpicks.
The reason I was doing the cake so late that night is because my husband and I went to the Stockyards in Ft Worth to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.  We had a lot of fun!

We paid a guy $5 to let me sit on the longhorn so that Chris could take pictures!

Happy Baking!


Feral Turtle said...

Your car cake is amazing! Good Job!!!

Feral Turtle said...

and.....Happy Anniversary!

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