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Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm back!

I've been out of town.  My husband had a work conference in Orlando and while there we went to Sea World.  We also paid extra to pet the penguins.  I love penguins and was so excited!
This is Stephen, he is a king penguin and 17 years old.
This is Leon, he is a baby king penguin and only four months old.  He has not lost his baby feathers yet and is very soft and cuddly.
They are very friendly and like to nibble.  Stephen's feathers were very soft and he was suishy.
These were the only two penguins we were allowed to pet.
Here I am thanking my husband afterwards!

Here's my husband petting a sting ray.  They are very soft and velvetty.

We also rode the paddle boats which were kind of boring!  LOL

I hope ya'll don't mind me sharing some of my vac. pics on here!  I'll get back to regular blogging soon, I promise!

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