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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Peppermint Water

I wanted to share a great way to keep cool in this heat.  In TX it is very hot.  It is supposed to be 110 on Tues.  If I am in the heat for very long, I suffer from terrible, pounding headaches that make me useless for the rest of the day.  In fact my husband won't let me hold yard sales between June and September anymore because of my headaches.  As many of ya'll know, we went to Orlando and Charleston for the past two weeks.  I went to Sea World for a couple of hours by myself while my husband was working.  (He had a work conference and our hotel was across the street from Sea World and our tickets were good all week).  After just two hours my head was pounding and I couldn't enjoy the evening with my husband because of it.  I always carry a small spray bottle of peppermint water with me because of my asthma.  It is made with a few drops of peppermint essential oil http://stores.mybutterflyoils.com/-strse-76/Peppermint-Piperita-Mentha-Pure/Detail.bok and water.  It is also great for sanitizing the hotel room.  The next day I was in the heat and I could feel another headache coming on so I sprayed my face and the back of my neck with the spray frequently through the day.  I did not get a headache!  I did this the rest of my vacation and not only did it prevent the headaches but the peppermint in the water really helped keep me cool also! 
I know this was not anything about cooking or sewing, but I hope it helps to keep you cool.  I also included a link to buy a very high quality peppermint oil at a good price.
I don't have any pictures for this post so I'll share a picture of my Pippi.
Pippi sleeps with her tongue sticking out and I had just woken her up!

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