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Monday, September 3, 2012

Dresden Plates - Cutting

My Dresden plate blocks are on today's design wall.
Thank you for those who helped me pick out my colors!  I was worried about not having enough fabric, but what was not "computing" is that I do not need very much fabric for the plates.  I'll probably buy a white muslin or sheet for the back ground.  I'll decide after I sew my plates together.  See my previous post about selecting the fabrics here.
I decided to use just the blue and green fabrics, and only had to use half of them!

I am going to use the stripe as the circle in the middle and maybe the body of the butterfly also.

I have decided to make my wedges 5 1/2 inches, which will make a 15 inch block.  According to the tutorial I found here, the plate will have 20 wedges, but their wedges are only 4 inches.  She says to make 240 wedges for 12 plates.  I made 223 since some of mine will be butterflies and not need as many wedges.  I have extra fabric in case I need to make more.
First I needed to straighten my edges.

 I started by cutting 5 1/2 inch strips.

Then I took my easy Dresden tool by Darlene Zimmerman and started to cut my wedges.
After I cut a wedge this way, I flipped it upside down to cut the next one.  This saves material.
Here they all are.
I will be making a 5 patch sashing or border or both, depends on what I decide to do, with the leftover fabric.
Now I need to start sewing them!  That will be my next blog post!
Have you ever made a Dresden plate quilt before?  How big was yours and with how many wedges?


Rabid Quilter from CA said...

Got Darlene's ruler recently, used a "Kaffe" Charm Pack and made 4 'plates' for a long tablerunner. Loved the process so much, I'm teaching a class at our local quilt shop in 2 weeks. They turn out great, don't you think?

retrorevival.biz said...

Gorgeous fabrics, Missy! Looking forward to seeing your progress and of course, your beautiful, finished quilt!


Simply Scaife Family said...

Love your fabric choice..so soft and welcoming! Dresden's are my favorite quilt to make.

P. said...

I love the fabrics you've chosen. That is going to be a very pretty quilt!

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