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Thursday, September 20, 2012

New/Old Sewing Machine

Look what I found at a thrift store for $25.  It's not for me, it's for a friend who is wanting a hand crank sewing machine for her daughter.  It is an old treadle head that needs to be converted.  It is a Singer, Serial number EM285899 and model number 15K80.  If you know what it is called will you please let me know?
 As you can see it was pretty dirty and rusty.

 I love the bird on it.  The decals are in pretty good shape.
 After hours of cleaning, this is what it looks like now.
 All cleaned up and pretty.
The varnish or finish on it is peeling though, I'm not sure what to do about that.  I'm tickled with how shiny the silver is now, I love Gojo, that's what I used.  This machine uses regular bobbins and needles.  We got the hand crank in the mail and are now waiting on the spoked wheel to convert it.  A hand crank is a great way to teach a child how to sew because they control the speed of the machine, so it is a lot safer.
Update:  Captain Dick of treadleon.net says that it is a "That is a Model 15 of older vintage.  This one is sometimes called the RAF model.  It came along when other 15's were getting reverse, but it didn't win the lottery, so it has stitch length but no reverse, like the 15-30's."
Thank you Captain Dick!


Cattrix said...

Hi, I think the machine in a 15-30 and made in Scotland for sale in England. I can't remember the name of the decals but I *think* this was for the English market.
RAF is what the knick name may be. And at this point I'm just remembering some thing I may have read.
I have an older 15-30 oscillating bobbin treadle in the Tiffany decal.
I am not expert though and will expect someone to come along and give you the correct data,

Anonymous said...

Missy, your new old machine is a 15. Not sure what ....does it have a motor? The decals are called RAF, because it resembles the insignia from the Royal Air Force during WWII. I have always wanted one of these. Enjoy!

Melissa said...

Really cool find! Your friend is a lucky chick to have you looking out for her!

LV said...

You definitely found a treasure in this machine. I am not one to sew, but my mother did. She had a machine, but it did not look like this.

Dora, the Quilter said...

I think I read this the other day and then neglected to post. You will love how quickly you can put on the spoked wheel and get it working. And it's nice that it takes regular feet and the usual needles.
(Cindy Peters sells lovely wooden bases too. Of course, they are more than you paid for the sewing machine.)

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

What a great find! Someone sure is lucky to have a friend like you :)
I've never used gojo before, but I like how well it worked for you. I'll have to get some.
Happy VTT!

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