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Monday, September 10, 2012

Design Wall Monday-Dresden Plates

I have only finished three of my Dresden plates, although I have not ironed them yet.  I am going to sew all the plates and then iron them all at once.  I am going to have to do some super sewing!  I just learned that I am going to need 20 blocks instead of 12!  Thank you Kati from Kati's Quilting and Sewing for your help in figuring out the dimensions!  Be sure to heck out her Dresden Plate quilt.
As usual Pippi decided to help me with my quilting,
 so I made her pose with a block.    I had to hold her paws because she tried to take it off.

She is such a hoot!   In my last post I showed you how to make the wedges here.  Today I will show you how to sew the wedges together.
The first thing you should do is lay your wedges out in the order you want them because they will may have gotten mixed up some when you made the wedges.  I have tried to make each block's order a little different so they do not all look the same.  I am probably the only one who will notice!
First you need to put two wedges together, right sides facing.  Line them up from the top corners because the bottoms will be covered by your circles.  (BTW, I am thinking of making yo yo's for the middle, what do you think?)
 Start sewing at the top, but a 1/4 inch down.
Can you see where my needle is?  I put it right below the line of my tip.  Then you sew backwards, but do not go off the fabric.  My needle got stuck when I sewed forward.  This secures the edges.  I know we don't normally back stitch on quilt blocks, but several sources said to do this.
 I tried chain stitching and doing two wedges, two wedges and then sew those 2 sets together and then add the fifth to make sections of five, but I kept getting the wedges mixed up and out of order.

 Here are my sets of two after they are sewn together.
 I decided it was easier to sew two sets of ten instead, adding one wedge at a time.
I did chain stitch in a way to save thread, I put a piece of cloth behind each wedge, cut the wedge off and added another wedge behind the fabric so that I would not have to keep snipping the thread.
 Here are my two sets of ten, I then just sewed them together.
 The last block did not take very long at all!  Pippi was not helping and I had finally gotten the hang of sewing them together.
 Tiger likes my blocks!
If you have any suggestions, please share!  This is my first Dresden Plate quilt!   I am scared to death of putting the plates on the background fabric.  If you know of any tutorials on how to do that part, please let me know!  Does it have to be hand stitched down?  I do know that I need to cut 16 inch blocks.  I think that was my most boring purchase at Joann's - white fabric.
What is on your Design Wall?
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