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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Feline Friday

My kittens got "fixed" on Monday.  They really should be done at four months, they are almost six months.  Cupcake had gone in heat so we had to keep Oreo separated from the calicoes.  None of them were very happy about it.
 He love his pillow!
 He loves to play "fetch" with his mouth.  I'll throw it and he'll bring it back to me.  He gets really mad when Custard grabs it and runs off with it!  LOL
The separation did help Oreo to bond with us more since he did not have his sisters to play with it.
 They are so happy they can sleep and play together again.  Poor Cupcake has a shaved belly.
 I'm kind of worried about Cupcake's incision.  She has a lump under the incision.  Can you see it?  It's all red.    Do I need to be worried? (You can see the picture better if you click on it)
 Custard's incision just looks gross, is her's normal?  It kind of looks like something is dried and crusty around it.
 Do you know if there is anything I can put on them to help?  Aren't they cute though, even with their shaved bellies?
What kind of pets do you have?

Have a great Labor Day weekend ya'll!



Kim said...

They're are so CUTE! I'm not sure about the incision. I would keep an eye on it for 2-3 days, if it doesn't look better I would take her to the vet.

Heidi said...

Not sure about the little bump. Did she have an umbilical hernia that maybe went unnoticed until now?
You can put an antibiotic ointment on the incisions if they look dry. If they look red or have leakage, you need to call your vet. I use the same triple antibiotic stuff on my critters that I use on myself and my kids. I just use a cotton swab to spread it and avoid contaminating the tube.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Same comment here, watch for hernia but it may be just fine. We've had a lot of cats fixed, the strays. They do miss the siblings when they have to go to the vet.

Marianne Jeffrey said...

I agree with the hernia idea, gorgeous cats! I have two dogs; Ebony the Maltipoo and Henry the Cockapoo:-)

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