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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sweet Sewing

I've been snatching a few minutes when I can, trying to get some quilting done.
I am doing all of my quilting on my Singer Industrial 16 treadle.  Remember last week that my darning foot broke?  The new foot works okay, but I had to lower the presser foot bar thingy as far as I could to make it work.  It is also not always easy to see where the foot is going either.

 I have been quilting one color at a time.
 I can't decide if I want to quilt the blank area around the cakes.  What color thread should I use, off white?  Any suggestions on the quilting?
 Pippi was my helper last night.
 She also likes to hang out in the back of dress form.
 Here are some pictures of my classroom in my basement.  I privately tutor a homeschooled sixth grader three days a week while her grandmother is working.  I found these banners in my fabric stash.  A friend and I had made them many years ago for old fashioned Sunday at church.
 I have two strands, so I hung them in both corners, across all three windows.  I used pipe cleaners to attach them to whatever was handy.  Yes, I purposely placed those shelves under windows and put cat beds on them.  The windows are level with the ground and the cats love cat tv down there.  Muffin is in the top picture.
I also like to hang things from the beams in the ceiling since it is an unfinished ceiling.
I hope you have a blessed day!

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