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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What a Day!

Have you ever had one of those days when quilting?  Tuesday night is my night in the sewing room.  My husband brings his computer in there and I sew while we have the TV on.  I keep an old quilt on top of the quilt I am quilting, because of the picture below.  They love to sit on my treadle. 
I decided to check my Instagram (I know, I'm easily distracted) and this happened!
I finally made both babies by moving them onto the rocking chair, in fact Pippi(calico) bit poor Muffin, show insisted she share the chair with him.  I sat down and could not find my quilting gloves!  Last week, I switched ,y tv cabinet with my treadle, and hung up the other half of my design wall.
I have no idea what I did with my quilting gloves!  Luckily I had a backup! I have these quilting pads I can use until I find them.  That is what happens when I clean my sewing room, I lose things! 
That crisis was averted, but then I was sewing along when I darning foot broke!  I admit the metal part at the top broke over a year ago, but I was still able to use it.  I found this foot in a secondhand shop years ago, so who knows how old that plastic was.  As you can tell, I did not get much quilting done, only about half of this cake stand.
After looking for about an hour, I finally found another foot!  I can't even remember where I picked this one up.  I bet it works better than that broken one did!
My quilt guild made a charity quilt to donate to the "Stop child Abuse Awareness" group here in Ava.  We presented it to the group yesterday.  I had my student take pictures with my phone, so sorry about the quality.  They will be asking for $1 donation for tickets for the opportunity to win this quilt.  They will start selling the tickets next month.  The colors are blue and pinwheels.
Here are some members of my quilt guild and the committee members.  The lady in pink, n the center, goes to my church.
Two other people donated another opportunity quilt.  This would be a super easy quilt to make also!
I have another super busy weekend coming up.  I have a cake to decorate for tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!


donna said...

Wow! girlee you can say when it rains it pours. Hope the other foot is working better for you. You have been a busy gale.

Kim said...

Hope you find your gloves. Those quilting pads were hard to come by when they first introduced it to the market. I hope your darning foot works out for you.

barbara woods bewtjw@gmail.com said...

i search for things to, always losing what i need when i start to sew!!!

Sarah said...

Yikes - that was a heck of a busy sewing day. The kids do know a good quilt when they see one. Did you find the gloves yet? Good luck on the raffle quilts!!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Your group quilt is AWESOME!!! Is there a way to buy tickets, if one doesn't live near you? That would be a good thing to post here.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Nice quilt you made. I don't free motion, so, I never use any of my darning feet. I DO use my walking foot. I have one for vintage low shank machines, vintage slant shank machines and for my Janome.

Kat said...

Love those pics of your kitties! You have been busy. Thanks so much for linking up!

Louise said...

I broke one of those plastic feet in exactly the same way, and it was pretty new. I think the plastic just can't handle all our quilting! I have a couple of all-metal ones now and they are pretty sturdy :)

Cathy Tomm said...

Love the blue star Quilt. Blue makes great raffle quilts.

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