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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sewing Machine Social

I have a Homemaker's Group I go to the second Thursday of the month in the afternoons.  We take turns hosting, and this month was my turn.  I did a talk on my vintage sewing machines.  I will have to show you the machines in another post.
The picture below is of Miss Norma making a mug rug on one of my handcranks.  Miss Norma learned to sew on a treadle but had never used a handcrank before.  I also demoed my treadle, unfortunately, those pictures did not turn out.
 We had a show and tell and everyone brought a craft they wanted to share.
Debra, who does not usually come since she lives an hour away, shared a baby blanket she made. She is Miss Norma's daughter. The baby shower was that night.  I'm sorry about the pictures, the sun was not cooperating for good pictures.
 Linda, on the right, is a friend of Debra's and came with her.  She shared several quilts that she made.

 The below one is cross stitch and embroidery.

 The bluebirds were blocks a lady in a nursing home had started but could not finished, so Linda finished them for her.

 Pat loves using her embroidery machine and sewing.  She embroidered these towels for a college student.  She also made and embroidered the sweatshirt she is wearing.
 Here is a baby bib she made and embroidered for a new baby in our church (we go to the same church).  Cupcake joined our party.
 Garnet  crocheted this baby blanket for a new baby in her church.  I love the ruffly edges on it.
 I delinted and vacuumed all the cat hair on the furniture.  This chair is not in great shape so I keep a quilt on it.  Oreo decided to put the cat hair back on the chair and sleep on it before the guests arrived.  I used my string quilt to cover the TV.
 I had four sewing machines in the living room.  Here I have my New Home(1920) and in the back is my Singer model 12(1881).
 Here is a corner of my clean sewing room.  I had to clean it for my demos.
I promise to do an upcoming series on my blog about my machines.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway for a journal.  You can enter here. You have until Monday to enter.

We have a different theme each month for our group, next month's is gardening.

Aside from quilt guilds, are you involved in any other clubs?

Missy (currently with a clean house but I doubt it will last long)
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