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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bad Cats!

Doesn't Tiger look so innocent?  Look what he found in the office:
I looked over and he was walking through the living room with this in his mouth and a trail of cats following him! Can we say partners in crime? (Please excuse my clean laundry waiting to be put up!)  He found some feather boa and tulle in the office.  He also growled at me when I took it away!  LOL
I guess Pippi does look mischievous.
Tiger and Muffin taught her a new game, I have to make sure my pin cushion is put up at all times, or she does this:
She pulls all of my pins out!  She starts with my double needle, then the safety pins, and finishes with the needles!  Praise the Lord she has not hurt herself!
They also like to pull my clean, just ironed material off my dryer rack!
When you have this many cats, you will have mischievousness!
Yes, that's right, you counted six!  I blame it all on my friend Ebbye for giving us the last three (the trouble makers!)  But I love them all!

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