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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My husband wants a quilt!

Sometimes it's kind of dangerous to let my husband look at my craft magazines!  I'm taking my first class on quilting and I bought a new magazine.  He saw this quilt:

and asked me to make him one.  How can I say no?  At least it is an easy one for a beginner (I think?????)
It is called Weaving the Rails and the designer is Kathie Holland.  We found the it int the magazine "American Patchwork and Quilting" 
He likes the antique look of the quilt.  I decided I want to do Browns, blues, greens, creams and tans.  This way I can use it in my bedroom. I do like the look of this quilt though and hope limiting my colors will still turn out nice?  I found some material in my stash, but I'm going to need a lot more!  I have found that quilting is very expensive when you consider the cost of the 100% cotton material and batting and thread.  My teacher says this is a must!  Would anyone else be interested in quilting along with me?  I'm no expert, but it should be fun!

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retrorevival.biz said...

Good luck with your quilt ~ I'm sure it'll turn out perfect! Keep us posted, OK?


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