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Monday, December 31, 2012

A year in Review

Wow, I have only been quilting for about a year (I took a class in October of 2011) but I feel like it is such a part of my life now!  I wrote out my UFO list at the beginning of the year, here.  
1)  The first item on the list was a Birdhouse quilt for my friend Marie, that several ladies in my church helped me make.  It was our first quilt for the prayer quilt ministry, we just didn't know it!

2)  The second item on the list is a rail fence quilt for my husband, I just have some strips cut, that's it.  I'll have to finish that!
3)  The third item on the list is my cat panel.  I am putting that on my hexagon quilt.  See the link for the flowers.
It's not finished, but I have been working steadily on it, and since it is being hand quilted, I am not fretting about it.
4)  I did not finish number four, a rag quilt for my uncle, I didn't even start it!  I'm hoping to start on my rag quilts by the end of January.  I want to make 3 denim rag quilts.  One for my Uncle Glenn, one for my Uncle johnny and Aunt Debbie, and one for my nephew who will be 17 in April.  These will be Christmas gifts for 2013.
5)  I finished this one, it was a skirt!  I'm not happy with the fit though.

6)  I did not make me the dress, but I did make it for two other people.
Mother and daughter!
7)  This was a another dress that I did not finish!
Here is a dress I did finish though!
I made one for me, Chrystal made one for herself and her daughter.
I made one for Ebbye, I also made a pink one for her daughter, but don't have the picture.  Both her daughters made their own dresses using the same pattern also.  Kristi and her daughter Kayla also used my pattern to make their dresses!
Since I have started sewing last year I have completed four quilts.  The birdhouse quilt above, my first quilt was this wall hanging for my stepmom.
This rag quilt for my sister, 
And my favorite quilt, my mom's Dresden Plate quilt, I couldn't tell ya'll who i was for because it was present!

There's a lot more sewing I did, but that is just too many pictures!  It's nice to see what all I have accomplished this past year!


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Great job. I can't wait to see your 2013 plans.

Kate said...

Beautiful quilts and dresses! You had a great first year as a quilter.

Rhonda said...

Wow, you have been very busy. Great job fellow Texan.
I live near Palestine and Tyler, Texas, BTW!

Denise :) said...

What a productive year you've had in stitches!! Happy New Year, Missy! :)

Anonymous said...

You have had a wonderfully creative year. I especially like the dresses. ~Kelly

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